How to do the 369 manifestation method

how to do the 369 manifestation method writing

Today I’m going to tell you about a method that many people are talking about at the moment to attract what you want. It is the 369 method, also called the 3,6,9 technique. It is largely inspired by Nikola Tesla’s 369 code.

But before I tell you how it works, let me tell you a little about Nikola Tesla and his divine code 369.

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Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was a genius scientist, inventor and American engineer of Serbian origin. He was mainly known for his work on electrical energy, especially alternating current. He also did a lot of research on free energy, and you probably know about Tesla electric cars. Elon Musk wanted to pay tribute to him by naming his car “Telsa”.

In his biography you can learn many interesting things about him. Like many great minds in history, Nikola Tesla made many mysterious experiments. In particular, he is said to have done work on time travel. Many people described him as an obsessive-compulsive and others described him as superstitious. Whatever he did on a daily basis he forced himself to do a number of actions divisible by 3, otherwise he would restart everything from the beginning.

For example, before entering a building, he had to walk around the block three times. To clean his plates, he used 18 napkins. And when he slept in hotel rooms, he had to divide the number of rooms by 3. Basically, he made most of the choices in his life based on the number 3.

What lies behind all this is actually much deeper. His obsession or superstition was not only related to numbers in general, but rather to these numbers 3, 6, and 9.

So why were these numbers according to Nikola Tesla divine numbers?

The immense power of the method of manifestation that I will explain in a moment is based on these three numbers. It is precisely this that allows the manifestation process to be accelerated and amplified.

Without going into too much depth in complicated mathematics, however, remember the quote from Nikola Tesla that summarizes the way of thinking to adopt.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, information frequencies and vibrations.

What is the purpose of the 3 6 9 method?

The purpose of this method is to fully exploit the vibratory power of the numbers 3, 6, 9.

What can we really want to attract into our lives?

We may simply want to feel good, to feel better, to accompany a healing. We may want to attract abundance in all its forms. We may want to attract love, or we may simply want to express gratitude. There are many techniques to attract abundance with many variations. So, it is important to know that there is not one that is better than the other.

It all depends on your understanding of the technique and especially the heart you put into it. So, if you have the intuition that you can add or remove something to a method, do it. Don’t hesitate, nothing is set in stone. The power of intention in the end is much more important than the methodology itself.

The process that I will explain and that I would advise to apply is inspired by the method of Karin Yee. She is a holistic therapist who had the idea of combining Tesla’s divine code with Abraham Hicks’ 17 second rule from the book and documentary The Secret… She made an original and effective method.

This 369 method and the 17-second rule are mainly focused on the principle of the law of attraction and positive thinking. So, before we detail the protocol and explain how the 17-second rule works, you must understand how to formulate your requests.

What do we need to do this method?

You will need a pen and a sheet of paper, a journal or a notebook that you will dedicate to this method. When we write on the paper, we will send a message to the Universe that will conspire to bring us the answers to our requests.

It is very important to be as clear as possible and to choose your words carefully. Let’s not forget that everything is energy and vibrations. Of course we will write in the form of positive affirmations in the present tense and we will avoid long sentences?

Let me give you a small example:

Many people ask me what they should write to attract love, to attract their soul mate! You will certainly want to write the name of the person you love. This is perfectly normal. However, I believe that you can’t really control a person’s desires and that everyone has free will. So, the best way to attract love is to ask the universe to help you find your soul mate and the perfect person for you. We will then write for example:

“My soul mate is attracted to me. My soul mate is coming into my life” we can amplify the request by adding gratitude. I am grateful for the abundance of love that flows into my life. In the same way, when we want to attract the positive, it is very important not to use words with negative connotations. We avoid negation. Besides, the universe and your subconscious do not understand negative words.

For example, if you say: “I don’t have any more worries in my life”, the universe hears the negation and it hears especially the word “worries”, and thus, you risk manifesting what in the end? Worries! So, stay with positive, clear, precise and present tense words. Even stronger than formulating your wishes in the form of positive affirmations, you can formulate what we call “afformations according to Noah St John”.

What is an afformation?

Like affirmations, afformations use the principle of the law of attraction. The difference is that our subconscious mind is much more sensitive to questions than to direct sentences. When you ask a clear question, the universe takes care of answering it. In a positive affirmation we can write: “I am loved”, but your subconscious mind can create resistance to this affirmation if you feel a particular lack of love in your life. In order for this affirmation to really take root in you, you will have to repeat it many times.

The affirmation can be formulated in the following way:

“why am I loved”? By asking things in the form of questions your subconscious will be disoriented, and the more you repeat this question, this “affirmation”, the more the universe will take care of answering it and you will therefore notice many more manifestations in your daily life in relation to this.

Of course, the best thing is to experiment by yourself, to draw your own conclusions. It is important to write from the heart and to be aware of each step of the process.

The 17-second rule

Earlier, I talked about the 17-second rule, which we will associate with the code 3, 6, 9. What is this rule? This rule says that if we concentrate long enough on a thought for at least seventeen seconds, the volume of this thought grows, becomes denser and concentrates even more energy around the message. The energy flows to where we focus our attention.

By holding a thought for at least seventeen seconds, we give it a kind of momentum to propel and spread the message and the intention into the universe. This rule also says that by holding a vivid thought for at least 17 seconds, manifestations begin to occur.

How do we proceed with the 369 method?

369 Method

The first step:

In the morning when you wake up, write down what you want to manifest three times in a row. The writing of each sentence should last at least seventeen seconds. So, if your sentence is a little short, take the time to write it. If not, you can also choose a slightly longer sentence. But not too long either. Also, while writing it is important to let go and do things consciously. Take care to feel high emotions, like joy and gratitude. You must have a firm conviction and a strong feeling that you have already achieved or obtained the thing you want.

When the intention is strong and coupled with high emotions, the electromagnetic field of the heart, which is in direct interaction with the quantum field, will reflect all this. Thus, the manifestation will be more direct and rapid. Then you start the day while keeping a positive state of mind, without forgetting that you must absolutely let go throughout the day.

Second point now:

We repeat the same thing at mid-day or a little later, except that this time we write the sentence six times in a row.

Always 17 seconds per sentence at least. By doing this, we amplify even more the rituals started in the morning. Then, we start the afternoon always keeping a positive state of mind and letting go.

Finally, the third point:

Before going to bed, this time we will rewrite the affirmation nine times in a row. Always a minimum of 17 seconds per sentence. By doing this, we will therefore fall asleep with the intention put on paper.


In the morning we write the same affirmation 3 times for a minimum of 17 seconds, then 6 times during the day, then 9 times in the evening.

The numbers 3, 6, and 9 have a strong vibration, the 17 seconds are important to make the request conscious. All this coupled with your strong intention, will amplify the request made to the universe and the power of manifestations.

The key to this technique is in the letting go, but also and especially in the state of mind in which you are at the moment of performing it. Keep in mind that you must be in a positive frame of mind and that your intentions must be clear and kind. Also remember that it is very important to do this with gratitude.

For how many days should we repeat these actions?

Karin Yee suggests performing this ritual for 33 or 45 days.

  • 33: 3+3 = 6
  • 45: 4+5 = 9

This is not a bad idea again. We’re keeping well with Nikola Tesla’s way of thinking. As far as I’m concerned, I would recommend going on a minimum of 21 days.

  • 2+1 = 3

Why 21 days?

Because that’s the time it takes to create new neural connections. That’s the time it takes to reprogram your subconscious mind with new thoughts, habits and behaviors. It is even recommended to go beyond the 21 days to anchor these new habits.

If you want to start with a number other than 21 days, still following Tesla’s approach, you can either choose a number divisible by 3 or a number whose theosophical reduction, i.e. the addition of the digits of this number, gives 3, 6, or 9.

How long will it take for your request to come true?

Keep in mind that in the universe time does not exist. Time is an illusion. Any potential, any possibility already exists in the quantum field at the very moment you make your request. So once you make the request, let go completely and the manifestation will happen at the right time. Also keep in mind that it is very important to listen to your intuition when performing this or any other technique involving the law of attraction. If you want to add or remove things to make your own ritual, don’t hesitate.


I have just introduced you to the 3, 6, 9 method. This method is easy to implement in your daily life. If you want to realize your dreams and be in relation with the laws of the universe, adopt the 3, 6, 9 method in your life.

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