Understanding the law of attraction

How To Understand the law of attraction with simple words

Understanding the Law of Attraction is interesting because it is a really practical and simple perspective to act in one’s life and achieve happiness and love.
… as long as you understand the law of Attraction. Because it has also become a fashion phenomenon, a marketing medium that sells by letting people dream that they could be happier by practicing “positive thinking rituals”.
However, this childish presentation does not prevent the law of attraction from being efficient, as long as you take a deep interest in it and practice it with discrimination…


Behind the phenomenon about the law of attraction, there is a deep and consistent wave that comes to us from the depths of the ages: it is the law of life, the lofty systemic relations in unity…
At the end of this article, we will say a few words about what’s at the bottom of the load attraction, and the need to think before falling into crude superstitions. This will allow the sincere reader to go further and make even better use of the attraction law…


This law suggests that our thoughts attract our events that correspond to them, that’s all!
Your thoughts create within you an inner climate, which attracts situations related to their content.
From this, interesting practices are derived, to control one’s emotions and thoughts, in order to better live one’s life…

According to the law of attraction, external events would not be fortuitous, but provoked inside ourselves (at least partially), by our internal attitude. We would thus live experiences, which we would thus attract to ourselves, even involuntarily, because they correspond to the contents of our thoughts and emotions.

The law of attraction is explained because we give energy to what we think about. This is where the astonishing power of visualization and mental preparation of sports champions comes from: by concentrating on winning, by visualizing the game in advance, they program their brain and prepare themselves mentally to be at their best.


The attraction is that undercurrent of attraction that connects beings to each other. In other contexts, it is called Love, or the Holy Spirit. But of course, words like that are so connoted that they are misunderstood.

⦁ Who knows nowadays what the Holy Spirit would be. It’s just a confused idea, unless you’re in a religious sect, then you have a narrow, dogmatic definition. But what direct and intimate experience do we have to talk about it? Here, obviously, if it is no longer a question of thinking and quoting others, but of referring to oneself, there are already fewer people to talk about it…

⦁ Who thinks they know what Love is, but they confuse it with desire and selfishness and the “trade of an ordinary couple’s life.
These words are almost frightening and misleading as to their deep and true meaning. If we talked about the Holy Spirit, we wouldn’t sell a line, because the specter of the inquisition and the shadow of narrow dogma would prevent even customers from wanting to walk past the store. And if we talked about Love, it would be… boring!
So we prefer to talk about the law of attraction, it sounds more modern or exotic, almost scientific, even. But there is nothing scientific about it in the sense of the pseudo laws demonstrated as if they had a universal and absolute value, as the law of gravity or gravitation.


With the law of attraction, we are :

⦁ either in the field of sectarian dogmas,

⦁or  in the field of religious beliefs,

⦁ or in the field of superstitions,  … (not very sexy all that!)

⦁ either in a simple and direct experience, full of common sense, that words have difficulty to describe, but that you have to use well to make yourself understood.

Personally, the first 3 options are of no interest to me at all! In the 4th case mentioned above, I am more interested, because it addresses my sense of discrimination and individual responsibility. It is no longer a question of believing, but of experimenting, observing, feeling, integrating, possibly modeling. Afterward, when we have experienced something, we can eventually start to believe, if there is still a need for such a thing (in my opinion useless). All you have to do is think, feel, and experiment. The rest is probably just dispersion…


The law of attraction began to be evoked in the 19th century with the positive thinking and personal magnetism of Hector Durville.
I especially like this man, whom I find very healthy and particularly “positive”, among all the magnetizers and healers who wrote at that time).

But this concept is timeless and universal, as we have said (when Jesus Christ spoke of the law of love of neighbor, he didn’t speak of anything else than the law of attraction! But he was not the first to speak of love as the great Force underlying all manifestation. So this goes back to the beginning of the ages of mankind, and obviously: in all civilizations).

And quite recently, some of the world’s best-selling books have taken up this expression, as if it were a discovery. This is false and ridiculous. But it doesn’t matter: it helps to make this powerful principle known, to awaken consciences to how to take it into account through a better personal alignment, and perhaps to guide people, who with these keys find a way back to a little self-control.


In this paragraph, I will express a brief synthesis of my personal reflection. I do not impose anything: make up your own mind by yourself, by entering the citadel, by spending years studying it in your daily life and thinking about it from a metaphysical point of view to the most abstract of what you can. This is the only way you will acquire mastery of the subject and of your own practice. But for my part, here is what I would like to share, to the point where I am at today.

This is precisely the exercise of the law of universal attraction! We cannot fail to attract, it is our deep nature (on the other hand, we can ignore this nature and disperse our force, letting ourselves be gangrenous by doubt: this is the general case until we manage to awaken from the waking state.

To put the law of attraction into practice is to declare that one is already united to such and such a desired situation, such and such an event, and to visualize this unity, which then gradually takes shape in concrete experience.
The law of attraction stipulates in fact that the whole exterior is only a projection of the interior…


If we allow ourselves to be fooled by the illusion of the senses and the mind, by artificially dissociating perceptions and identifying separate objects, we believe in the ephemeral nature of our lives, with things that are necessary to us and make us all the more envious as they stand at a distance from our direct experience. So we suffer from the lack and we get restless to fill our emptiness.

But if we go beyond this first usual filter, and dare to question the common conditioned sense, we are no longer very sure that there are separate objects outside the mind, or that we are limited to our body and personality.

This is where the law of attraction can play two roles: the best and the worst!

⦁ The best thing is to recognize in the depths of consciousness that everything is unity, but believe that this is not achieved by making positive affirmations with two bullets. It can only be achieved through honest and uncompromising examination, which sometimes lasts for years, and that we, therefore “need” nothing, which is external to us (and that inside and outside are one and the same unity)! And as soon as a desire emerges in the mind or a functional need is felt in the body, the recognition of the solution makes it materialize in the experience within the unity, almost effortlessly.

⦁ The worst thing is to think of the law of attraction as a solution to the lack, like a magic recipe to fill our voids. Everything we lack, we could get by knowing how to handle the thought.

But if this thought is taken from the paradigm of duality that we have just denounced, the more we manipulate various superstitious practices (because without consciousness), the more we reinforce our belief in lack.

So the more we attract to ourselves more of what we seek to avoid! In the end, these are only modern “black magic” (as in dark times, but not as strong, because we don’t give ourselves the atrocious means that the worst witchcraft had), which only produces more confusion.

In fact, there is nothing to avoid, and not much to wish for that we don’t already have, because precisely, we already are!
Practicing the Law of Attraction can take you far enough if you take the trouble to think deeply about it and let it work healthily and simply in your experience.


There are scientific studies that have been done on the functioning of the brain, which prove that thinking has an impact on the biological functions of the body.
There are serious programs of relaxation, meditation, and therapies against stress and serious diseases (such as cancer) in various countries of the world.

Mental visualization of success improves sports results by 30%. This score rises to 45% when body movements during mental rehearsals are added.
The McGill University Institute of Neurosciences has shown that visualization, combined with a mental rehearsal of an action or movement without moving any part of the body, produces spectacular results, both in terms of performance during the action and recovery after the effort.

For example, virtually all members of the 1998 Canadian Olympic team used imagery mental rehearsal procedures at least once a day. Each of these sessions lasted an average of 12 minutes. The power of movement visualization positively influenced confidence, concentration, and motivation.

In a study conducted by Dr. Blaslotto of the University of Chicago, a basketball team was divided into 3 groups to test their free-throwing skills (throwing the ball into the basketball net!):

⦁ The first group practiced free throws for one hour daily.

⦁ The second group just visualized themselves doing free throws.

⦁ The third group had nothing to do.

After 30 days, the groups were tested again for free throws.
The third group obviously did not improve.
The first group improved by 24%.
Finally, the second group improved by 23% by the visualization.
So, visualization had an effect on performance almost as important as physical training!
Thanks to the repetition of this visualization, new connections between The practice of the Law of Attraction proceeds a lot by visualization, by the imagination of the desired result, in order to create in oneself and around oneself the favorable conditions for its accomplishment in the lived experience.


⦁ Visualize the result as if it was already there:

⦁ Never make negative statements

⦁ Avoid projecting yourself into the future. On the contrary, assert the result in present and positive terms.

Feel the effects of the result :

Emotionally vibrate, feel the well-being beforehand and behave now as if the result is already there.
Introduce sensory perceptions in the mental projection, not to remain top-intellectual, to decline the experience through the senses by visualizing what we feel, hear, see, when we are satisfied in the presence of the desired result.

Focus on the full and above all do not feed the feeling of emptiness:

⦁ take care not to feed toxic waste.

⦁ do not focus on the result.

⦁ Giving confidence… by ceasing to visualize, to accept, and welcome the fruits.

It is sometimes by continuing to “want” that one deprives oneself of the realization because will and impatience translate a doubt that reinforces the true feeling of doubt, hidden behind the zeal of the practice.


So there are 3 consecutive phases to let the force of attraction work in your favor:

1. Targeting: Expressing a desire in a formal way (making a wish, stating an objective, declaring a firm intention, making an artistic projection, etc.).

2. Charging: Nurturing thoughts and emotions aligned with this goal, acting consistently with faith that this goal is being achieved.

3. Waiting: Generously giving your trust, actively maintaining the belief that it will happen. Make yourself available and listen to the answers, with as much confidence as if you were waiting for a package in the mail. (“expecting” something is more powerful than hoping).


For phase 1, targeting, there can be three parts, which we believe it is useful to break down below:

1/ Reflection on the target situation :

⦁ Describe what I want in what would make my life better?

⦁ how would my life be better?

⦁ concretely, what would I do every day that was different?

⦁ how would I feel then?

⦁ what specific thing would I do, buy, experience, etc. in this new situation?

2/ Mental representation of the desired outcome :

⦁ make a precise image of a desire (cut and paste photos, draw, symbolize, name, repeat, etc..) to fix it.

⦁ “When you pay attention to something, you multiply the chances of attracting it. The more specific

the details, the more attention you pay to it, the more likely you are to make it happen in your life. By staying focused on the subject of your choice, your point of attraction on it will become much stronger than if your mind is constantly jumping from one subject to another. »

3/ Projections and assertions of the result :

⦁ Positive sentences, centered on oneself as a subject, with verbs conjugated in the present tense, with emotionally charged words.

⦁ To be written, to be repeated mentally in a loud and low voice, to be reread…

⦁ Warning: if some sentences do not seem realistic enough to be believed, they will produce the opposite effect! Rewrite them with softer and more believable formulas such as: “I like to imagine myself succeeding in…”, “I progress every day towards more…”, “From this day on, I decide that…. “, etc…

⦁ If necessary, test affirmations with a muscle test to measure their appropriation.

⦁ Thoughts that provoke strong emotion will manifest themselves more quickly.


⦁ To affirm one thing and its opposite. For example, affirming something you don’t believe in, or affirming something negative.

⦁ Focusing on what you want to get rid of (“making war on war is still a war”). This doesn’t make them disappear but reinforces the force of attraction by feeding the vibration.

⦁ Focusing on the lack, on the current need (which loves more than today) instead of imagining the desired situation.

⦁ Reciting: spending time reciting affirmations, like magic formulas, as if repeating them like parrots would accelerate or amplify anything. Let’s be serious: these feverish repetitions only reflect impatience and doubt, so they only weaken the projection! Obsessive repetition is to be distinguished from the necessary concentration and perseverance to drive in a nail, dig a groove, chisel a projection…Balance and personal dosage to be found in each case.

⦁ Going too fast to action: an action impregnated with the wrong emotional charge only leads to the repetition of the thing you don’t want.

⦁ Focusing only on desire (the convex projection) and not making oneself available to receive the answer, in a confident and peaceful (detached) expectation.

…Now that you have learned how the Law of Attraction works in a simple way, all you have to do is put it into practice in your daily life.

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