Does law of attraction work?

The law of attraction is omnipresent in the world of personal development. Does it really work?

You have tried to use the law of attraction but without results ? In this article we will see why the law of attraction is not working for you.

The movie “The secret” has largely contributed to the success of the law of attraction. Today, the world of personal development is full of books, conferences and training courses on this very popular subject. When I discovered what was presented to me as a law that inevitably leads to success, I was seduced by this concept. Why? Because I wanted to succeed, and now I was told that not only was it possible, but it was easy! All I had to do was think about what I wanted and I would naturally attract it into my life. I knew how to think, it was even my great specialty! I had discovered THE key that would lead me, in a snap of the fingers, to the wealth I was looking for.

I trained myself on the law of attraction, I applied its concepts: visualization charts, written objectives… For 5 years I tried to apply it with discipline… without any concrete result, without any visible result, and especially without the promised success. I doubted myself a lot during this period: if I couldn’t succeed, the problem was certainly mine. I didn’t deserve to succeed. Instead of opening the doors to wealth, this law was taking away what little self-esteem I had left. It also reinforced my fear of the future.

Until I realized what was wrong!

Was it me? NO! Was it this famous law, which in fact does not exist? NO! It was just that, YES, the Law of Attraction exists and works, just not the way I was taught.

NO, it is not enough to spend 20 minutes in your day thinking “I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich” to find banknotes on the floor!

NO, it is not enough to have written down your goals in your pocket for them to be achieved!

Why not?

1. Because the law of attraction is a law of VIBRATION!

Simply put, if for 20 minutes you think about abundance, and for the rest of your day you live in fear of lack, the calculation is simple: if we consider that you sleep for 8 hours, you spend 20 minutes in vibrations of abundance, and 940 minutes in vibrations of lack. What do you think you attract in your life?

It is exactly like the principle of radio: if you are on the frequency of radio X, you cannot hear radio Y: if you are on the frequency of lack, you cannot see abundance manifesting in your life. This is a law as universal as the law of gravitation.

Now, if you want to attract joy, happiness in your life, ask yourself the following questions:

Are the majority of your thoughts during the day thoughts of love, of joy? Or thoughts of fear, anxiety, sadness? And don’t fall into your ego’s trap of saying “I’ll have thoughts of joy the day when…” You risk waiting for this famous day for a long, long time…

Joy does not come with abundance, it is abundance that comes with joy.

2. Because the law of attraction is a law of action!

This is what I think is missing in the movie “The Secret”. Let’s be clear, I like this movie a lot and it had the merit of making the law of attraction known to a large number of people. At the same time, it suggests that all you have to do is think about abundance to see it manifest, thus forgetting a key point: action.

Thought is, of course, a creative tool in our lives, but it must be backed up by right action. I insist on this last word, JUST. We live in a world of action: we spend our day, our life DOING, chaining actions one after the other. We are caught like a hamster in its wheel. In order for the Law of Attraction to work, it is essential that we settle down, align ourselves, and ask ourselves “What is the right action, at this very moment? “.

Then we must find the courage to take action.

3. Because we don’t understand the concept of abundance.

If I say “abundance” to you, what do you think of? Most likely you are thinking about money. Most people who use the Law of Attraction do so to get more money in their lives. But abundance is much broader than that. Ask a millionaire who has cancer if he feels happy… Abundance is financial abundance, yes, and also abundance of love, joy, health, relationships… If you ask the Universe for more abundance today, look at your life: in which area do you already feel abundance? Take the time to feel gratitude, it is the highest vibration and therefore the most effective to attract more abundance in your life.

As you can see, the Law of Attraction is an extraordinary tool if it is well used. The most extraordinary tool to create the life of your dreams remains… YOU!

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