Manifest what you want

Manifest what you want

The 6-step method to manifest what you want

To manifest what we want is the dream of many people, especially since we see around us, testimonies on the effectiveness of the law of the universe. But is there really a method to attract what you want?

In this article, I will show you the method to manifest all your desires.

I’ve written about the importance of the emotions in your thoughts and beliefs. This blog is full of information about beliefs, how they manifest in your life and how you can change that. As you can see, it’s really important to understand how the law of attraction works and why what happens in your life happens.

However… sometimes when you feel bad or desperate, when you want something to happen quickly and you have no idea how to do it, theory doesn’t help much. What you need is a practical and quick method to break through your resistance, and today I’m going to share a very powerful technique for manifesting the law of attraction.

The letter to the universe

It’s simple, it only takes twenty minutes and it works. Quickly. I have used it many times in my life, and it has worked for me every time.

For example, a few years ago I made a commitment to a friend. I always keep my commitments. It’s important to me. But a new and better opportunity came along, and I really wanted to take advantage of it. I didn’t want to let my friend down, but I also didn’t want to let this opportunity go. I was really conflicted and didn’t know what to do so I wrote a letter to the universe.

What I wanted was to take advantage of this opportunity without my friend being angry with me. So I got to work and wrote the universe exactly what I wanted. The next day I went to my friend, explained the situation, I was stressed to tell him but yet I found the perfect words and he understood me. He was not angry. He was even happy for me, he told me he would do the same (and he ended up doing the same by the way).

This may seem like a small use of this tool, but let’s just say it was only the first. After that, whenever I encountered a situation that stressed me out, panicked me, that I didn’t know how to handle, I wrote a letter to the universe, and each time the situations turned out to my advantage.

Ready to use it? Here goes:

Step 1: Dear Universe

Sit down and start writing your letter. You must write it on letter paper with a pen, why not with a special pen that you dedicate only to this exercise. Date the letter and start with “Dear Universe”.

Step 2: Describe your present situation

Tell the universe where you are right now – without complaining – about your current situation.

For example: “Dear Universe, I have one month to find a new apartment and I’m feeling stressed, my landlord came to tell me today that I have to leave and I don’t see anything I can do.

Step 3: Declare your fears

List all the things that stress you out about your situation. What are you afraid of? Yes I know, normally you should never focus on what you don’t want, but if you are at the point where your fears have totally taken over, you need to identify them first to remove them.

For example, “I’m afraid I won’t find an apartment. I’m afraid I won’t find anything in my budget or that it’s a crappy, horrible apartment. “

Declare all your fears about your situation without holding back.

Step 4: Tell the universe what you want

Now that you have removed all your fears and doubts from your system, use contrast, and tell the universe what you want. What do you need? What do you want? Here you can only make positive statements. Keep writing until you feel really good.

For example, “I want a place that I can afford, but that is comfortable, close to public transportation and some shopping, a place that is bright and where I feel good all the time, my new landlord is so understanding that he offered me the first month’s rent, and the previous tenants even left some furniture that will come in handy, I feel really lucky to have found this apartment, up until a month ago I thought the situation was bad, but it couldn’t have been better. “

Notice how from “I want” writing has moved to something that already exists, it’s something you already own, you already see yourself in it. Keep writing the more you deepen your vision, the better you feel, see in every detail, until you feel the smile come naturally on your face.

Step 5: Thank the universe

The next step is to present your gratitude to the universe. Tell the universe “Thank you” for granting your wish. It’s done. What you want is happening now, you have placed your order. Tell the universe that you have found that fantastic new apartment and can’t wait to get in.

When you do this, as I said in the law of attraction and gratitude, you are in perfect harmony with your desire. This is a great step to increase your frequency.

Step 6: Let go

Your letter is done, sign it, put it in an envelope with “the universe” as the recipient, then you can put it in a special box, burn it or throw it in the sea. Now that you have made your request, your job is to let go, if you stress, you will slow down the speed at which your desire will arrive.

Don’t worry about the how, that’s the universe’s job, the opportunities to make your wish come true will naturally present themselves and you’ll know you just have to take them.

Again, I have used this technique many times and each time it has refocused me on what I wanted, and each time what I wanted has manifested, and often in ways I did not imagine.

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