How to reprogram your mind and overcome your limits

How to reprogram your mind

Why reprogramming your mind?

Many studies have shown that our subconscious mind influences our physical life and our thoughts. This is why you must absolutely control and choose positive thoughts in order to reprogram your mind to influence your subconscious.

It may seem strange to want to reprogram your subconscious mind!

But in fact, if you don’t do it, you will stay on the same thought pattern and you will always have the same direction in life.

If you think about it, you realize that since we were young, we have programmed our mind and influenced our subconscious… In good and bad ways.

All these thoughts and ideas have been influenced by our environment. (family, teachers, relations, employers, etc.) All along our life the external people, put in our mind their own programming. And as a result all their thoughts, whether good or bad, have come to interfere with the programming of our subconscious.

If you had no control to change this during your childhood, you can do it now that you are an adult.

This is what we will develop in the following lines so that you can finally have a champion state of mind.

How can the subconscious limit us?

If we go back to the origins of the word and its etymology, the subconscious simply means “below consciousness”.

The subconscious mind is a whole, which makes up your mental personality and of which the conscious mind is a part.

We become aware of our subconscious mind and how it can influence our lives, when we discover the aspects of its negative influence. Without paying attention to it, it is the hidden side of your consciousness which gathers your fears, your past experiences, your intuition, and your beliefs. Of course this negative side reinforces limiting beliefs that will stop your evolution by locking you in your comfort zone.

Controlling the mind

What these people struggle with is getting a little more control of their mind. In order to gain control, you need to adopt a framework and follow some tips. First, if you have negative thoughts and feelings that come up on a regular basis, it’s pretty easy to get rid of them. We have two systems of thinking:

The first system stems from automatic thoughts and impulses that come from our experience. This means that when we are faced with a situation that we have already dealt with in the past, the brain does not take the time to think and imposes the same reaction as before. Thus, if we have been afraid in the past, our reaction will still be fear when faced with the same situation. It is an easy path that our brain takes.

The second system is a conscious dashboard of our brain. This second system is used by more mature and conscious people. It gives us the ability to control, generate and create our own thoughts and behaviors in any situation, even those we have encountered in the past.

Of course, most of our behavior is caused by the first system, which is unconscious and automatic. In general, we just follow our emotions. However, it is interesting to know that the most successful people in their fields use the second system. It is therefore necessary, in order to think positively, to learn to use the second system.

The Importance of Repetition in our new thinking system

In all forms of learning, repetition is of paramount importance. The importance of repetition is no longer in question. The latest discoveries in neuroscience prove it.

There is a common belief that our brain stores all the information received. This is not the case. In fact our brain, when it receives information, will decide if it is important or not to be stored in the hard drive of our brain.

Hence the crucial importance of rehearsal. The musician needs repetition, the student, the sportsman, the child to walk. In fact, any new subject or skill that we discover needs repletion.

With our thoughts it is the same process. If we want to change and influence our subconscious mind to reprogram it, we have to repeat and rehearse what we want to move towards.

In the second part of this article we will see how to reprogram our subconscious mind concretely. But don’t forget that to change, your greatest asset is repetition.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind step by step in 6 steps

reprogramming your mind

Rule 1: Know what you want

When aspiring to change, the first rule is to know the destination. For the change in your state of mind to begin, you must know what you want. For now just know what you really want. If you wanted to go on a trip, wouldn’t it occur to you to go to the train station or airport and ask the stewardess to give you a ticket to somewhere? Even if it could be an enriching experience, it would not be an optimal idea.

Focusing on different subjects simultaneously can only confuse your subconscious. For example: if you want to find your soul mate, focus only on that. If you want to do something else, like making more money, losing weight or overcoming anxiety, do it at another time.

It’s great to have different goals, but you need to focus on one at a time.

With the reprogramming of your brain, you need to have a goal so you don’t go off in all directions. So to begin the process of change decide (really) what you want.

Rule 2: Imagine the end result

Now that you have decided, let’s talk about the final destination. You must see your future for the desire to become a reality. Throughout your day feel how you will be with this desire. You must get rid of your fears and doubts. For fear is a poison that will take you away from your dream. Fear can be a safeguard in our daily life to prevent us from dangers. But when we want a change and to modify our state of mind it will be a brake for the change to begin.

So feel what you want so that your subconscious is convinced that this change is safe. Emotion is the best asset to achieve a goal. When you feel things emotionally, the subconscious mind will feel it too and so you will persuade it that it is real… Thus, what is true in the imagination will become a reality in your real life.

Rule 3: chase away negative thoughts

To reprogram your brain you must break the negative thought process, and replace it with positive thoughts that will become a very effective tool to overcome your fears.

Redirect your thoughts

Once we are able to understand and become aware of what is going on in our brain and the meaning of our thoughts, we must learn to redirect our thoughts in order to choose what we want to focus on. If your thoughts are negative and not helping you, you need to redirect them. To do this, you must first find the exact opposite of your negative thought. Then you need to think of that positive thing, and focus on it and repeat this process as many times as necessary. Close your eyes if it helps you visualize better.

By visualizing this positive thought for a long time, your brain will give it great importance. You must feel and appreciate it inside. Afterwards, you will see that the result is very pleasant emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Keep your eyes closed and enjoy the pleasant feeling of this positive thought. You have just moved on to the next stage, you feel the difference with your previous state. Stay focused on this feeling for several minutes, and if your brain takes the easy way out to return to negative thinking, stop it. If you can do this, it means you are able to condition your brain. This sometimes requires a high degree of concentration.

Rule 4: Visualization

The importance of visualization is crucial, because visualization will put in your mind state your desire. Earlier I talked about emotions and how it could be a great tool. By visualizing you will reinforce positive emotions and thus by imagining regularly, the mental imagery will become real.

Visualization is the repetition of this positive alternative to the negative impulse that has invaded the brain. The attention we give to this positive alternative gives us great personal strength. It does not allow us to wake up overnight in an ideal world that does not contain negative thoughts. But it does allow you to condition your brain and to get rid of bad thoughts. Indeed, through visualization, you can creatively force your brain to stop negative thoughts and redirect them into positive ones.

How to visualize

To begin, you need to find a quiet place to isolate yourself.

The first thing is to relax. You can breathe in and out to help you relax. You can also close your eyes and focus on each part of your body, imagining them completely relaxed. Once you are completely relaxed, with your eyes still closed, begin to see the mental image of your desire.

You must feel how you would be or what you would do with this desire. You must be like an actor or actress who would play the role of his life.

If your desire is a material good, you must see yourself mentally using that good. Feel the well-being and the pleasure you will have by possessing this desire.

In the end, you must be in your visualization as if it were real. This is actually what you must feel when visualizing. By imagining it as if it were real, the mental imagination will come to life, if your subconscious is convinced that it is real.

For visualization to work as I said above, the key to success is repetition…

Rule 5: The Question Technique

There is a technique that requires only a sheet of paper and a pencil. On the sheet of paper, you will write down four very simple questions which are as follows:

⦁ What is one thing can I feel very grateful for right now?

⦁ How can I surprise someone or flirt with someone, right now?

⦁ How can I have fun, right now?

⦁ How can I show love or excellence right there, right now?

Read these questions in the morning, at lunch, and at night and answer them. First, you read them, then you answer them. Do this for a full month, and it will change your life. Although these are very simple questions, you will give them weight by focusing on them three times a day for a month. Because your brain will change its automatisms to go in the direction of the state of mind of these questions, rather than towards negative thoughts.

You can also write down on this sheet three words that describe your “ideal self”. Read these three words regularly throughout the day and focus on them. This may seem simple, but it requires a great deal of discipline to remember to read them several times during the day. Unconsciously, you will identify with these words and get closer to your ideal self.

Rule 6: Letting go

Now that you have applied all these rules, to reprogram your mental state you must let go.

Letting go does not mean laxity or surrender. It means agreeing to look at a situation from another point of view by giving up control of everything, for yourself and for others.

To release the pressure, learn to breathe on a daily basis and refocus on yourself in order to calm your emotions, your fears, your thoughts, your body and to find another dynamic of functioning.

To let go, do this exercise: Sit comfortably and close your eyes. From now on, you are going to imagine that you are opening a box to put inside all the regrets you want to leave behind, everything you want to let go of. Then, you are going to wrap this box with a nice ribbon to close it properly. Finally, attach a string and a balloon to your box and throw it in the air.

The power of imagination

Now imagine your box going up into the sky. The more you think about it, the higher and higher your box rises. The higher it goes, the smaller it becomes until it becomes tiny and disappears into the sky. When it has completely disappeared, you will have finally let go of your problems. Be aware that it is possible to become a friend of your problems after you let go.

When you are overwhelmed by emotions that are difficult to handle, ask them what they want. Even if it seems a little surprising, befriend them. You’ll find that you may need to relax, stop being attached, take better care of yourself, or simply adopt a different attitude. If you pay attention to your problems instead of pushing them away or blindly clinging to them, you’ll find that they have the solution within them.

Looking a problem in the face is already a way to solve it. You must therefore perceive your problems clearly, but without ever letting yourself be dragged further into the pain. Then, never forget this quote from Franz Kafka (considered one of the major writers of the XXᵉ century): “the mind is not free until it has let go.”


So you need to think about all of these techniques in order to be able to reprogram your brain to think positively. It may take a little time depending on the individual, but it really works if you are focused and disciplined. After a while, you will be regularly invaded by positive thoughts and you will live a great life.

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