How to get over mental blocks


Psychological blocks prevent you from moving forward in life, and you would like to overcome it? Learn how to recognize the different types of mental blocks and identify the main causes. How to get rid of your fears and dare? Take control of your life by confronting your blockage. Follow our advice to overcome your inhibitions.


You may experience a psychological blockage after experiencing a trauma. You constantly relive the painful memory of the event, which leads to a blockage. To overcome your fears, it is essential to consult a psychotherapist.

Over the course of several sessions, the professional will have you talk about the traumatic experience in order to remove the psychological blockage.

Inhibition can also be the cause of a psychological blockage. In this case, you are unable to go beyond your limiting thinking. This distracts you from your goals. Some people, without having been confronted with traumas, often find themselves facing blockages in their lives.


There is a multitude of causes that can explain a psychological blockage (Feelings of guilt, fear of the gaze of others…).

However, it is possible to identify at least three main causes of a psychological blockage. These are the ones we find most regularly in subjects with limiting thoughts.


Fear of failure can be paralyzing for some people and often condemns them to inaction. Bad memory in the past or a similar experience that ended in failure can force you to give up. You are afraid of repeating a negative experience.

Do you suffer from a lack of experience in a field? The unknown scares you and you prefer not to take the plunge. A lack of knowledge on a given subject can cause a blockage in an individual.


A lack of self-confidence and ability can be the source of mental blockages. For fear of not being able to do it, you don’t follow through on your desires. This lack of self-confidence prevents you from moving forward in life.

It is also necessary to learn to get rid of the words of those close to you. It is not because a member of your family thinks that your project is not viable that you have to give up.


You may tell yourself that it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get out of this emotional blockage. However, you are completely mistaken; to get there, all you have to do is get moving, in action. All the insecure thoughts that haunt your mind prevents you from moving forward. But you can counteract them and start moving forward.

Think about all those questions that haunt your mind every day; “Why would I go to this interview if I’m very unlikely to be hired?”, “I suck, I’ll never be able to achieve my goals and do what I want with my life”, “I’m sure he won’t like me”, “If I show myself as I am, he’ll think I’m stupid”, “I’ll make a mistake and everyone will make fun of me”, “Other people are much better than me.”

You’ve all had these thoughts before, haven’t you? The only thing left for you to do in this case is to act as if you are afraid that you will be answered “no”; you must accept this refusal, but do everything possible to see if it is possible to turn this “no” into a “yes.” What do you have to lose?

Go against the inertia that is at the root of all these negative emotions. Are you afraid of looking ridiculous in this presentation? If you don’t go, you will never be able to prove yourself wrong. Sometimes it’s a very good thing to convince yourself that you are what you would like to be. For example, saying to yourself, “I like to talk in public,” or “I’m not afraid of ridicule.

An emotional block can help us to think about things better, to take our time. But if it lasts too long, then it must be remedied.

What happens if an emotional blockage develops in your relationships? Think about the fact that if someone rejects you, maybe it’s not the right person for you, and that venturing to express how you feel has been an incredible practice in getting rid of your fears… Try to always see the positive side in what happens to you. It’s always possible, just know it.

Having an emotional block is normal, and it allows us to test ourselves. However, if we listened better to our emotions, we would know that what they are really telling us is to overcome our insecurities and fears.

Let’s listen to our emotions and follow our instincts and impulses. Sometimes it is not only positive to feel good and comfortable. Sometimes we have to go outside our comfort zone and take risks even though we are afraid and even though the shivers run through our bodies.


There are several tips to overcome mental blockages and fears.
In order not to give up any more for fear of failing, it is essential to motivate yourself.

Autosuggestion can be of great help in certain situations. Do you have to speak in public in a professional setting? Or take an oral exam in front of a jury? Instead of fearing failure (Humiliation, laughing at the audience, babbling…), visualize the scene in a very positive way. This is the Coué method. By rehearsing the event in your head and imagining your success, you de-dramatize the situation.

On the other hand, to calm yourself, it is important to rehearse! Get yourself in shape and use your notes to prepare yourself as best you can for the big day.
When you pass the exam with flying colors, don’t forget to congratulate yourself. Being proud of yourself helps you gain self-confidence.

In order to overcome your blockages in a lasting way, it is essential to put yourself in danger. Get out of your comfort zone by provoking difficult situations. Play with deadlines to work in an emergency, for example.

Accept speeches in front of an audience. Volunteer to lift your inhibitions. At first, this will cause you a lot of anxiety. But repetition and habit will be your best allies in overcoming your fears.

Finally, to overcome your fears, you must also learn to get rid of fixed ideas. For example, “I absolutely need a good job to be good in my life. His limiting thoughts prevent him from moving forward. You must therefore be wary of your wobbly thoughts and not build your life on them!

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