Benefits of meditation

benefits of meditation

Here are 7 benefits of meditation that will amaze you

1. Increased creativity

Researchers at the University of Leiden studied how mindfulness meditation with mindfulness can help to subsequently improve a person’s creativity after their meditation session. What they found was interesting.

They found that those who practice mindfulness meditation perform much better on a specific task where they are asked to come up with new ideas.

Meditation is known to increase and encourage the type of thinking called divergent thinking, which allows you to come up with more solutions to a given problem, thus constituting another component of creativity.

2. Lower anxiety levels

Meditation has also been shown to reduce anxiety levels in people who practice it regularly. When we meditate, we begin to loosen the connections of certain nerve pathways.

A part of our brain called the medial prefrontal cortex processes information that we relate to our experience and to ourselves.

Typically, the neural pathways from fear and body sensations to this part of the brain are strong. Therefore, when you are in a scary situation, it will trigger a very strong reaction in this part of your brain, making you feel anxious and unsettled.

3. Improved memory

Those who practice meditation are better able to filter out distractions and increase their productivity.

This ability to ignore background distractions allows for rapid memorization and use of new facts.

4. Better relationships

Another benefit of meditation is that it also boosts your mood and gives you a better sense of connection to other people. It helps make you more compassionate and empathetic with others.

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with those who matter to you or to connect more effectively with your employees and customers, meditation can be a good answer.

5. A health benefit

Many studies have shown that while meditating you may be able to lower your blood pressure if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Also, those who have respiratory illnesses such as the flu have been able to recover faster than those who do not meditate. Women suffering from menopause may also find relief in meditation.

6. Better sleep

One of the benefits of meditation is its ability to help you get a better quantity and quality of sleep.

While establishing a good bedtime routine and with the help of cleaner air, if you add mindfulness meditation it can help you get better quality sleep and combat symptoms associated with insomnia such as fatigue and depression.

7. A Boosted Libido

In addition to sleeping better, you may be able to increase the quality and intensity of your intimate life.

One of the biggest reasons for lack of sex in a couple is fatigue. Our body’s response to stress is usually fight or flight.

When this happens, we release cortisol, the stress hormone, along with adrenaline to help us fight the stress. This raises our blood pressure and depresses our immune system and our libido gets caught in the crossfire.

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