How to raise your vibration

How to raise your vibration

11 practical tips to increase your vibratory rate for a happier and more prosperous life

Everything in life is energy and vibration. It is not me who says it but Albert Einstein. That’s why this week, I decided to talk to you about vibratory rate. And more specifically, how to increase your vibratory rate.

If you don’t know what the vibratory rate is, relax, I’ll explain it all in the article. You’ll see that by learning to raise your personal vibration, you’ll be able to positively impact your life as well as that of everyone around you. Better health, more opportunities, more happiness, more intuition… Not bad eh? So I have selected here 10 ideas to increase your vibratory rate easily. You will see that most of them are within reach of most people.

Our vibratory rate is our energetic radiation. Everything vibrates in nature and so do we of course. We can live at different levels, at different frequencies. A little bit like a musical note. Each one has its own energetic signature. This is what makes us unique and this is what makes us get along more or less well with certain people and that naturally we feel similar energy. This increases our vibratory rate.

It serves many purposes… It serves to manifest a life that corresponds more to us. It also serves to transform our life and to attract to us much more beautiful and positive opportunities.

What is the vibratory rate?

Absolutely everything that exists, visible and invisible, is vibration. All living beings (humans, animals, plants, minerals), places, objects, the planet, your food, your words and your thoughts vibrate and emit a level of energy that is their own. It is this energy radiation that is called the vibratory rate. It is measured in Bovis units (BU), the unit of measurement used in dowsing developed by Alfred Bovis. It varies constantly because it depends on the state of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. But also on your environment. Finally, you should know that your vibratory rate also impacts your aura, the luminous halo that surrounds your physical body. The higher your vibratory rate, the bigger your aura and vice versa.

Why increase your vibratory rate?

I have already spoken to you several times about the Law of Attraction. Well, it’s the same principle: depending on your vibratory frequency, you will not attract the same type of people and experiences. If your vibratory rate is high, you will more easily manifest opportunities, synchronicities and pleasant experiences in your life: happiness, abundance, better health (mental, physical and emotional). Conversely, if your vibrations are low, you will have more opportunities to manifest. By raising your vibratory rate, as long as you believe in it and have the desire to do so, you will attract opportunities and the right people.

How to increase your vibratory rate?

1. 1 Have a healthy lifestyle

What could be more important to start with than talking about your lifestyle?

Indeed, to have a top vibratory rate, it is essential to have the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Here are some essential points :

⦁ Get enough sleep. Everyone has their own sleep pattern, so make sure you know yours and respect it, knowing that a minimum of 6 hours of sleep seems best to me.

⦁ Get some exercise: walk, play sports, practice yoga or pilates. Choose what works best for you so you can stick with it regularly and over time.

Last point, very important: diet

⦁ Focus on a variety of fruits and vegetables, live food.⦁ Limit your consumption of meat which is dead food and retains all the memories and suffering of the animal.

⦁ Also limit sugar, chemical and industrial products, cow’s milk…

⦁ Try to drink a lot of water… Water, right??? By the way, if you could limit alcohol, that would be great ( as well as smoking)…

Try to drink a lot of water… Water, right??? By the way, if you could limit alcohol, that would be great ( as well as smoking)…

2. Use artistic expression to free yourself and let go

Artistic expression is an excellent way to free yourself from repressed, buried emotions, to let go, to meditate and thus, to increase your vibratory rate.

You can:

  • Create a visualization board
  • Do some coloring or mandalas. There are plenty of small coloring books for adults that you can find in bookstores. You can also download and print mandalas from the Internet.
  • Do some painting, pottery, embroidery, basically anything that makes you happy.
  • Sing, dance. By the way, singing helps to rebalance all energy centers because each note is connected to a chakra. As for me, I love to sing and I am part of a gospel choir!!!
  • Indulge in writing. You can do this by keeping a diary or creative notebook, writing a book, writing blog posts… Writing is a real outlet that allows you to release negative emotions, heavy loads.
  • Create jewelry, colorful pebbles…

3. Connect with nature

Not only does nature play an essential role on your wellbeing, but it also helps to raise your personal vibration. Take a walk in the forest, in the mountains, on a river, on the beach, in a natural area or even in urban green spaces. Lie down or walk barefoot in the grass or sand, contemplate nature, sunbathe, garden. There is no shortage of ideas to reconnect with nature. Indulge yourself!

Nature is an excellent therapist who allows you to recharge your batteries, to anchor yourself, to center yourself, to be inspired.

4. Focus on the positive

One of the most important things to have a good vibratory rate is simply to focus on the positive and feed positive emotions.

How do we do this concretely?

First of all, stop complaining, criticizing others and yourself, devaluing yourself, judging… Treat yourself as you would a child, with kindness, non-judgment and love. Have an impeccable word. Use positive words and thoughts as much as possible, or use positive affirmations.

Remember to surround yourself with positive people who encourage you, motivate you, push you up. People with whom you can share good moments, laugh, have fun, discuss… Make a list of your joys, your happiness, what makes you happy.

Be in gratitude. Think of making a list, each day, of your 3 happinesses (your 3 best moments of the day). This really helps to increase your level of well-being and to change your perception of things in a positive way.

Your energetic frequency fluctuates according to your emotions. Hate, resentment, anger, jealousy, sadness, fear, negative thoughts pull your vibrations down. I know that depending on the situation and the people, it can be hard, but as much as possible, focus on love, gratitude, kindness, empathy, compassion, forgiveness and positive thoughts which have much higher vibrations.

5. Nourish your spiritual life

Read books on personal development and spirituality to increase your knowledge, evolve and grow. These books will inspire you, give you a certain motivation. I specify that reading without experiencing will not allow you to progress, action is essential.

You can also attend conferences or workshops in personal development, ecology, spirituality. This will allow you to acquire new knowledge and especially to meet positive people who share your interests.

In addition, consider investing in a coach or mentor who will guide you in your evolution or that of your company.

Finally, you can also do yoga, meditation (as previously mentioned).

6. De-clutter and purify your living space

Your living space also has its own vibratory rate and like the rest of your direct environment, it has an influence on yours… It’s time to sort out. Declutter your living space. Get rid of everything that is no longer useful, that you no longer like or that is broken. In addition, some objects that are heavy in memories can be charged with negative energy. By the way, take the opportunity to do an energetic cleaning of your house. Not only will this do good to your vibratory rate, but the energies will circulate better.

7. Practice meditation

Meditation is a great tool for your energy frequency. Meditation allows you to refocus on the present moment. By staying in the present moment, you greatly reduce the risk of negative thoughts, which, as we saw above, lower your vibratory rate. For this reason, try to do at least 10 minutes of meditation daily. If you have never practiced meditation before, there are several free meditation apps that can help you get started!

8. Listen to music

If you wish to increase your vibratory rate, it is often recommended that you listen to music at 432 Hz, the frequency of the Earth. It is said to release emotional blockages and resonate with our heart. You can easily find music in 432 Hz by searching on Youtube. Just sit quietly with your headphones on and concentrate on the music. Nothing else to do but to let yourself be carried away and feel the emotions and the vibrations. Try to do a small session of 15 6 30 minutes a day.

9. Anchor yourself

Are you often accused of being in the moon? Maybe you are just not grounded enough. Being grounded is about being connected to the earth and being aware of your physical body. To be grounded, you need to do things that bring you back into your physical body. This can be sports activities, but also massages, for example. You don’t have to do push-ups or run around your block. You can also get a massage.

10. Use stones and crystals

Whether it is to better manage your emotions, protect you from negative energies, balance your chakras, harmonize the energies of your home or bring you more anchorage… By their different properties, crystals and stones can give you a serious boost to raise your vibratory rate. Amethyst in particular is known to regulate the vibratory rate of all that surrounds it. However, don’t forget to purify and recharge them regularly.

11. Taking action

Last but not least, to increase your vibratory rate, it is important to ACT, to put actions in place.

Procrastinating, waiting for the right moment, the right person, the right place, letting your fears and limiting beliefs consume you, all this accentuates the larva effect (yes, you see, a bit like Homer Simpson who spends his life on his sofa)…

If you want to increase your vibratory rate, you have to move (exercise), to put yourself in motion and dare, to take risks, to leave your comfort zone. You must have already experienced the fact that when you get physically tired, you feel much better in your being, in your body.

To conclude, I would like to remind you that when you take the time to increase your energy frequency, you also contribute to increasing the energies of your loved ones, the planet, the Universe…

So, what are the 3 keys that you will put into practice today to increase your energy level? Please share your answers and impressions in the comments below.

Beautiful day to you and full of happiness…

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