Writing a diary

  Writing a diary

Law of attraction: Write a diary to get what you want

Did you ever use a diary in your childhood? It is often used to summarize the past events of one’s day, both in their negative and positive aspects. If children use it, it is because they intuitively know that the journal contributes to their physical and emotional stability.

However, adults often forget this magnificent tool which, when used properly, can do wonders for them. When we talk about the Law of Attraction, we also talk about the gratitude journal. It is, along with the vision wall, an indispensable accessory to personal transformation.

How to use a diary with the law of attraction

As I mentioned above, children use their diaries to summarize their days, and in the Law of Attraction, the diary is often used to record positive phrases. These uses are fair but limited. In reality, it can be used to gain awareness and understanding of yourself. If you regularly write down your worries, your dreams, positive thoughts and your inner questions, you will naturally understand yourself with more clarity. You will naturally understand yourself more easily and know how to transform your life. You only need to ask yourself the right inner questions.

Structure your thoughts

Albert Einstein used to say that he put all his thoughts on paper so that they would no longer linger in his head. Using a notebook structures your thoughts. Once you write it down, everything becomes clearer. It can also reduce the mental interference caused by recurring thoughts. If the thought is put down, the unconscious fear of forgetting or the desperate search for a solution to one’s problems is reduced. I have heard the expression “turning the page”. Writing down your thoughts allows you to leave room inside for new positive future perspectives.

Don’t make it a problem

Don’t be afraid that journaling will turn into a chore or a punishment. Personally, I only use my journal when I feel like it. But still, I use it regularly enough to stay aware and to make positive changes. The advantage of the notebook is that it is easy to carry around and you can choose carefully when you want to use it. In public transport, in bed before going to sleep…

It is important to put a positive intention in the journal. Be careful not to turn it into a psychological outlet where you curse all the people who have been bad to you and add how hard life is on you. It is good to write down your difficulties, but in small doses. If you do it in a positive and creative energy you will have a much easier time transforming your life.

An effective solution “A notebook for the soul

You can choose to take a classic blank notebook. And in another case, I have created the guided diary “A notebook for the soul” to facilitate your process. It offers guided inner questioning that helps you in your introspection, your awareness and your life transformation. I invite you to try it!

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