Benefits of gratitude

8 Benefits of gratitude for changing your mindset and be happier

In this article, we will see what the benefits of gratitude are and why you should practice it daily. You will discover the 8 benefits of gratitude for a more harmonious and happy life.

Gratitude is identified as an essential trait to improve psychological well-being. Keeping a gratitude journal and reflecting on feelings of gratitude can reduce depression and stress. It can increase happiness over time.

Gratitude is inversely related to depressive symptoms and major depressive disorder. Being grateful is also inversely related to post-traumatic stress disorder. It reduces the negative effects of post-traumatic stress on mood and cognition.

In addition, the quality of life of people suffering from chronic illnesses is also improved. It is valuable for people with fibromyalgia and neuromuscular diseases, particularly because of its positive effect on emotions.

What are the characteristics of gratitude?

Gratitude is characterized by both acknowledging the “gift” received and thanking. It can be a material good (a gift, an object, for example) or an immaterial good (moral support, presence or help, for example). This gift is not always offered by a person, but sometimes by life events in general.
Note: through the recognition of what others or life offers us, gratitude allows us to focus on what belongs to us, rather than on what we lack.

8 benefits of practicing gratitude on a daily basis

1.You become less stressed

Yes, you read it right. The more grateful you are, the happier you are, which leads to less stress. When you take just one minute to thank the credit card company and the items you may have used it for, you will realize how blessed you are. As soon as that happens, you are literally able to relax further.

2.You become happier

Yes, you may be in debt and you may have just been laid off or perhaps you are currently in a low-paying job, but you know that the more you feel FREE, the faster the Universe will conspire to bring you more things for which you would be grateful better things. Knowing this brings you great joy.

3.You have more energy

It’s hard to imagine being happy and less stressed without abundant energy. When we are stressed, we feel depressed and don’t really feel like partying or anything else. But when we feel happier and less stressed, we naturally feel more energetic and want to go out.

4.Your attitude will be contagious

People like to be with happy people to feed off that happiness and energy. They want to know how, why and what is your secret to that happiness.
When you tell them, and they realize how easy it is to be happy, they will quickly adopt this practice. Gratitude can certainly be contagious, and the more you share it with others, the more it will be shared.

5.You will be healthier

How do you do it?
Well, you won’t be too stressed, which eliminates many of the problems that go with it: risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

It has been proven that happier people have fewer health problems. You will sleep better, you will be more productive throughout the day, you will probably exercise regularly because you are grateful for your health and want to maintain it.

6.You will perform better

You may not like your job and it may not be the best job in the world, nor the highest paid job in the world, but you are very grateful for it and because you are happy to have this job, you do your best.

You don’t hang around the printer complaining to your co-workers about your horrible work. You jump around happily, happy to have a job. And who knows what this positive attitude can lead to?

7.You don’t fall prey to jealousy

You are not jealous of your neighbor’s bigger house or your friend’s new car. You are happy for them. Gratitude means being thankful for everything you have, big or small, and you don’t feel the need to compare what you have with someone else.

8.You improve your self-confidence

Because we are in a constant state of gratitude, we feel happier, more people are attracted to us, we are less stressed and we undeniably feel better about ourselves and our lives.
Things in our lives are good, all things. Our work, our relationships, our health, our spirituality and our emotions.


Start by saying thank you, for everything, all the time, every day. With a little practice, it will become second nature.

Now that you know the benefits of gratitude, learn how to use it easily.
Everything is explained in this article: “How to practice gratitude

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