Giving and receiving

Giving and receiving: regaining balance, understanding the cosmic breath

So there you have it: of course, I use the big words: the cosmic breath, give it, receive it…and of course, we have an image of great mystical or spiritual concepts…

But in reality, it’s all very simple…

What is the Cosmic Breath?

Take a few moments to relax. Make yourself comfortable. Observe your breathing…Have you noticed?

You breathe in. You exhale. Observe again…When you are not regular in your breathing, by breathing in longer, or breathing out longer, you are changing your physical state. If you run out of air, by just exhaling, you suffocate yourself.

If you just breathe in air, it’s the same, you’re not going to feel good.

Well, the cosmic breath is the same. Putting yourself back in this breath is to become aware of your Giving (exhalation) and Receiving (inhalation)…And the goal of the game is to balance the two…

Why is it so difficult?

During my sessions, my clients are often confronted with the observation that there is little or no balance between Giving and Receiving, and it is difficult to change the way they function.

Where does this imbalance come from?

Usually, it comes from our early childhood, when we were taught all kinds of rules that we accepted to feel loved, and sometimes we also carry the weight of a family history, with its traditions that can hinder us.

In any case, there are a few steps that can mark our journey.

The steps: Observe

First of all, the time of observation

This is the time when we decide to observe our surroundings and our interaction with others. Who are our friends? How are we in their company, or with our family? Are the Giving and Receiving balanced? Do I give as much as I receive? Do I have the same attitude with each other?

In general, we realize that we give a lot. We have often been taught to give very early on, and we have often been subject to this vision that we are only kind if we give: of ourselves, our possessions, our time, our money.

This is one of the most widespread beliefs that is an obstacle to abundance…

It’s time, by the way, to reread Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Toltec Agreements”…or how to redefine the world according to our vision….

Moreover, the opposite of “Giving” is not “Taking”. When you don’t give, you don’t necessarily take anything from others (although…some people sometimes wish to take a kind of revenge on all that they have given in the past, and seek to Take, as a due. But no one has to take anything…)


Often, we know how to give very, very well, but receive very little. Receiving a gift free of charge. Receiving a compliment: “Oh my God! If I show him that it touches me, I will appear vain and smug! “And even… receiving love…

So yes, obviously, in reality, we are dying of this lack of love. We are dying to be splashed with it, with this love, with these attentions… We need to be loved, like that, for real. Stop meeting the wrong people, stop reproducing the same patterns… ” It’s not my fault, I just want to be loved! »…

But do you know? Underneath those speeches, when you scratch a little… you find a little bitterness…

Bitterness, because often these people are donors. They give a lot of their time to their friends, their families… They give all their energy at work…They are always there for others, but in the end, there is not much left for them….

And they feel bitter that they don’t get as much as they give….


After all, we didn’t say, “Give and the universe will give it back to you a hundredfold”?

Only, here it is: this gift comes both from education and from the belief that we are not enough. (fill in the box) to be loved…

And as long as we send this vibration into the universe, there is no one to love us ENOUGH…

And the second “Kiss Cool” effect is that it confirms our belief, and it doesn’t help us see the important thing:

“Help yourself and heaven will help you”, and “Charity begins at home”…

To put it plainly, you have to keep a little energy to do yourself some good. Give yourself quality time. Honour our body, our soul, our experience. Celebrate our victories and our learning.

In a word: give yourself space. Stop expecting others to give us space and define us.

If you let others, be it family, friends, life companions, etc., give you space, it will always be uncomfortable, not big enough, or not small enough, or too big…in short…it will not be your space.

Your place, you must draw it to your measure, and inhabit it with accuracy. Softness. Tenderness. And accept to show who you are, so that you are loved, YOU, and not the child that you wanted to train. And not the adult we would like to adjust to our projections.

Just you. This being who has the right to breathe in, and breathe out smoothly, in the right way.

This breathing being needed to receive. To dare to accept the gifts of life, the manifestations of love from the Universe.

As you make room, you will be more and more sensitive to what comes to you: love exists in all its forms: attentions, gifts, surprises, words, colors, sensations. Love is richness.

Take the time to explore the beauty of life in all its forms, and learn to feel grateful.

Gratitude and joy are a new way to

(Re) Giving

and thus register you in the perfection of this cosmic breath, of these untiring waves on your shore…

And if you happen to feel negative feedback, try to see if by any chance you have forgotten to honor some aspect of yourself?

If not, it may be a new lesson to learn, prompting you to move to another level of thinking, or being.

Or choices to make to become more assertive.

You have the right to take breaks, mini-retreats to allow your new YOU to take shape, and then be born into the World. These mini-retreats are an opportunity to take stock, and to allow your intuition to manifest itself to make new decisions, new steps….

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