How To Write A Letter To The Universe

How To Write A Letter To The Universe


The letter to the universe is a powerful exercise that allows you to make a request to the universe. It is also a liberating tool because it will allow you to empty your bag by expressing your negative emotions that you feel about the situation which worries you.

How to proceed?

Prepare a few sheets of paper and a pen, or you can choose a fetish pen that you will reserve for letters to the universe.

Handwriting is preferable to the computer keyboard. Our subconscious mind integrates things more easily, because writing by hand makes the left hemisphere of our brain work at the same time; place of creation of the language of the word of the writing. And the right hemisphere which perceives among other things the dream, the imagination, the intuition.

It is better not to date your letter, nor put places, to avoid freezing it in time and space.

Start your letter as if you were writing a classic letter:

Dear Universe

paragraph 1:

Start by describing the situation you care about as it really is in reality. Don’t minimize things, but don’t overdo it either. Explain the facts clearly in your own words. This is a contract between you and the universe.

The more lucid, honest, and fair you are with yourself about this situation, the more the universe can work in the right direction for you.

paragraph 2:

Express your fears and doubts. It is essential to welcome your negative emotions because by rejecting or repressing them you reinforce your problem.

It is important to identify them clearly and fully so that you can detach yourself from them. The universe needs to know what you don’t want in order to make a plan to achieve your wish.

So describe the fears and doubts that this situation generates in your life. Empty your bag of anything that gives you negative emotions about this problem.

paragraph 3:

Express to the universe exactly what you want!

Let’s take work as an example…

What job are you looking for, what position, what type of contract, in what field, what salary, what working conditions?

Describe what you want with precision. If your request is approximate, the answer of the universe will be as well.

Looking at the nuance between these two ideas:

1. I want to find a job and earn a living.

2. I want to get a job as a sales manager in the medical field in a healthy, solid company.

I earn $4000 net. I am happy and fulfilled in this position. My management is respectful and motivating, and there is a happy atmosphere.

Start with I want to

Then go on to describe things in the present tense.

By focusing on it in detail, you will already start to live it inside. And as everything that can be lived inside, can be lived outside. You will allow the universe to respond by reasoning to your vibrations.

So be specific. Add details and emotions, putting yourself in the situation you are describing and that it is happening in your life. Write until you feel something positive inside you. This letter will provoke positive emotions and you will start to feel better.

paragraph 4:

In this last paragraph, you will thank the universe for having already fulfilled your wish. Take a moment to project yourself, imagining what you asked for in the previous paragraph. In concrete terms, everything must happen exactly as you asked.

Explain to the universe, be grateful and happy, and relieved to have found this wonderful job… That you feel so much better since.

Thank the universe for its help and express all your gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude has this wonderful power to make everything we are grateful for grow. It truly acts like a magnet. When we feel gratitude, it immediately increases the vibrational frequency we send out to the universe.


That’s it, your letter is now complete. sign it with your first name, followed by your last name.

If you are married, your first name followed by your birth name, then your married name.

Do not bind your letter… The more you hold on to your request, the more you will slow down or even cancel the attraction and manifestation process.

Now it’s time to let go of the situation. You have put the situation in the hands of the universe. Now it’s time to let it work without worrying about when or how things will manifest.

That’s the universe’s job. You have planted the seeds of your dream, now you have to let them grow by watering it with thoughts, words and positive emotions about it. Keeping the image of the dream already realized.

Don’t talk about this situation in a negative way. If you catch yourself doing this, use the virtual eraser and mentally erase this negative thought or word by saying:

I erase this negative thought or word. Then turn to your inner self and say:

I now choose to have positive thoughts and beliefs.

What do I do with my letter?

It doesn’t matter what you do with your letter. It is the intention that counts. You can keep it in a place of your choice, or even throw it away.

Personally, I prefer to burn it, because watching it burn gives me the feeling that everything is cleaned and purified by the flames.

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