The Power of Intention: How To Set An Intention in 10 steps

The Power of Intention: How To Set An Intention in 10 steps

What is the power of intention?

We all want to see our dreams come true. So why is it that not everything we want happens? Why is it that for some people this law seems to work so well? And that for others it does not generate anything?

The first idea to understand is that the power of intention is a suggestion we make, saying to ourselves, “If it happens, it’s good, if it doesn’t happen, it’s good too! ”. But what often happens is that we doubt our wish. We think we don’t deserve it. That we don’t have a right to it! We devalue ourselves. Or that it is indecent to ask for such a thing. We feel pretentious, and who are we to ask for that? We’re putting obstacles in our way.

In fact, it is always the voice of our mind that spends much of its time underestimating us. This is to keep its power over what we should think. If you want to learn to stop the negative thoughts of the mind and use it wisely.

Intention is a desire without really being attached to it

For me intention is a desire without attachment to the result. It is finally having a great desire to manifest something, but at the same time a great letting go to say to oneself: “if it happens it is very good if it does not happen it is very good too”. Intention is also the science that allows things to come to us. There are many things that we don’t get in our lives because deep down, at the unconscious level, we tell ourselves that we don’t deserve it, that we don’t have the right, that we can’t do it or that it is impossible. And the intention is finally to say: I have the right, I have the right for me, and I have the right now. Finally the question in relation to a dream is: “why not?”, “why not now” and “why not you” and therefore “why not you now?”

How does this law work?

Everything we put down as ideas, affirmations, suggestions or thoughts is directly printed in the universe. This is the quantum law also called the law of attraction. If we focus on our anger, it will be amplified. If we imagine that we are lousy and not very courageous, we will become so. It all depends on where our attention is directed.

As soon as you focus your attention on a statement, whether it is positive or negative, it will grow.

So why does this law seem to work best on the negative and not on the positive statements? Because, we have limiting beliefs that admit our weaknesses and make us suspect our strengths and ability to improve. As soon as you formulate a positive intention, in the space of a few seconds, your mind will try to minimize your claim through emotions, devaluation. Any suggestion you make is then automatically destroyed by doubts.

Why is intention so powerful?

For me, the intention finally directs the attention. What quantum physics shows us is that as soon as I put my attention on something, it develops. As soon as I put my attention on the anger in me, it expands. As soon as I put my attention on the love in me, it expands. If I put attention on my talents, it expands. And the intention is finally the trigger that allows me to direct my attention. So when I set the intention to develop my love for myself, I will put attention on my love and thus develop it.

If I set the intention, for example, to attract quality people according to the criteria that are important to me, I will focus my attention on the people who have these criteria, and naturally attract them.

9 keys to manifesting the power of intention

How To Set An Intention

1) Have a clear intention

In this law of the universe, for a creative statement to be properly heard, it must be as clear as possible. If you go to a car salesman and say “I want to buy a car! ”it’s not going to help him. He will of course ask you for more details in order to propose a model that will meet your criteria.

For the suggestions you want to make, it’s the same. Be as specific as possible. By remaining vague, you will only obtain a vague result.

2) Be detached from the result

Once you have set your intention, detach yourself from it. Don’t focus on how it will turn out. Just know that it is like a magnet and everything will fall into place. This is often where many affirmations stumble. Thinking about the outcome will automatically lead to doubt.

You have to trust in yourself, but also in life, which will bring you exactly what you need to make your visualization come true. You have to change your way of thinking, to have a confident state of mind.

3) Have a real deep desire

This third key is one of the most important. Your desire must come from your heart. This is where you are connected to the universe and it is by being in tune with it that your intention will be fully received. It is through this connection that you are in vibration with the All, the Great Spirit or whatever suits you, depending on your spirituality.

It is in the present that the future is built, so be sure that if you give a positive thought today, it will be reaped in the future. Also, always be filled with gratitude to the universe. And you can be sure that the results will be spectacular.

4) Be patient

Impatience and dissatisfaction make us feel our capacity to evolve, our desire and our urge. This is a good thing, but it cuts us off from the present moment, it robs us of that magic that only patience can bring.

Patience is about letting go, which is essential in this process. The more we show an aptitude for patience, the more we will be in the present moment and the more surprising and remarkable the effects will be.

All that remains is for you to be attentive and open to the situations that present themselves to you, to the signs, to the positivity, and especially to the ideas that come to you.

5) Prefer the present

The present moment allows you to anchor your positive intentions in reality. We don’t need to focus on the future, because every second we are transforming and evolving. Every heartbeat is the imprint of the future.

So don’t expect anything, because no matter what happens, the future will change for me, for you and for everyone on this planet.

6) Have absolute confidence

It doesn’t matter how your suggestion will manifest. Just be sure that it will happen. There is no point in trying to figure out how the universe is going to do it. There is no time limit, no expiration date.

7) Stay focused at all times

Set up a system that allows you to always be focused on your goals.

For example:

review your intentions and goals often.

Highlight them: summarize your goals in positive present tense affirmations that you write in large letters on an A4 sheet and post on the walls of your home.

Create a visualization board with images that represent the goals you want to achieve.

You can also create mini-boards: one goal associated with a picture that you post in your home.

Always have symbols near you such as objects, plants, pictures, etc… that represent for you the goal(s) you want to achieve.

Take some time each day to resonate with your goals: you think about them strongly and you vibrate at the idea of achieving them. Better yet, you imagine that you have already achieved the result.

8) feel your emotions

Your thoughts must be burning desires! Everything you want must be of the order of desire: it is what you desire above all! The more you vibrate (feel strong emotions) to what you want, to what you desire, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Ask yourself: what excites me, what excites me about having this or achieving that? What emotions do I feel? And write them down in front of your intentions, your goals!

Also ask yourself why you want to achieve this goal and measure your deep motivation! By asking yourself this question, you will identify your hidden intentions, what joys your intention ultimately motivates you the most. This is the second step to reach your goals. Thus your intentions will be vibrant, and you will be able to carry them out!

The Universe always responds to those who speak loudly (your intentions must make you vibrate emotionally) and precisely (details).

When you vibrate to an intention, to a dream, the Universe hears it and gives you what you asked for (law of attraction).

9) Accepting, Welcoming, Thanking

When you align the energy of your body with the materialization of your dreams, then you create a climate of trust, security and joy. You are in a state of receptivity. You can let go of your mind, listen to your intuition and feel what is right for you. The energy released will allow you to mobilize the forces you need to get what you want. This is the power of intention.

And don’t forget to give thanks every day for what you have experienced. For me, I alternate the gratitude notebook that I fill in at night before going to bed or simply when I don’t feel like writing, I remember all the positive things that happened to me during the day. Henri Chenot, founder of the eponymous detoxification cure, remembers his day every night before going to sleep. He benevolently assigns himself a score, between 1 and 2, for each of his actions. This allows him to clean up his brain and thus avoid waking up at night due to the ruminations of his mind.

Keep in mind that the intentions we set are our inner compass. They allow us to deepen our inner knowledge, to stay focused on what is important, to help us to sort out between passing desires and our deepest desires. That’s why we need to take some time to put them down. It’s not just a shopping list that you make on your cell phone in the cinema queue.

Sit down somewhere, allow yourself this moment of introspection especially at the beginning of the year, when you have a huge blank page in front of you that sparkles and calls to you.

10) Be patient and everything will arrive in time

The more patient I am, the more things will surprise me, it is a real muscle. I was impatient because I wanted to show this and that and that, and behind the impatience there was something magical, there was my desire, my desire to evolve, to advance. But as a result, I was not able to enjoy my results because I was moving on to the next one. So now I have balanced it with a lot of gratitude. I have gratitude for where I am. And I tell myself that at the rate I’m going, it’s perfect. There’s nothing more powerful than someone who is excited to evolve, an enthusiasm to move forward in their life and at the same time loves their life so much that it’s perfect. So I’m not patient.


There you have it, you have all the keys for the power of intention to bring you to the end of your deepest dreams.

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