How to use abundance checks and achieve all your desires

abundance checks

What is the abundance check?

The principle of the abundance check is a clever mix between prayer and the law of attraction. What do we do when we fill out our abundance check? We pray. We implore the Universe to grant our requests. Our thoughts attract to us what we sometimes desire more than anything else (consciously or unconsciously). It is also a way to practice creative visualization, to keep our energy focused on an idea in order to make it happen through the power of our intention.

Does it really work?

Some will say that we don’t necessarily have to believe in it for it to work, and I agree. However, imagine the results when we really believe it. When our intention is firmly directed towards a desired goal. This reminds me of a person I taught this technique to; the person in question had asked with conviction to earn an amount of money. To his surprise, he later won a good amount of money in the « Wheel of Fortune » lottery. There are others who have been granted beautiful graces such as the healing of their ailments, a coveted job, the meeting of a new love, the acquisition of a house…in short, I strongly advise you to try it, and see the miracles for yourself!

Why do abundance checks work?

Because they are directly associated with the law of attraction. Taking a moment in your life to fill out this check allows you to put your focus on your real desires, your vibration rises because the human being is a being of energy, it has the ability to emit positive waves, which will be captured by the Universe. At all times, the Universe is listening to you, ready to accede to your requests. On the other hand, you must be vigilant; if you have doubts or if you tell yourself that you do not deserve what you are asking for, the Universe is slowed down in its momentum and everything stops.

It is important not to try to understand HOW it works, to let go and just trust. Also, it is important to be positive in your requests because the karma feedback could be negative if your requests are not made in the right way.

Here are 8 good reasons to write your abundance check:

1. To make your dreams come true

Have you been dreaming of going on a cruise to Hawaii for a long time but don’t have the money or time to write your fulfillment envelopes? Writing your check can help you make that dream come true. When a sincere desire is expressed without hesitation, with good intentions, the Universe schemes to bring it to you on a silver platter. That said, when writing the check, take the time to realize what you really want out of life; is it a house or a pension fund? Do you want a lover or someone to lean on every day? Once you ask the right questions, you can finally get what you want, without guilt or regret.

2. To fully utilize your potential and energy

Do you have any idea of the potential that lies within you? All the unused and stagnant energy inside you is released the moment you write your abundance check. Within you, there are desires and dreams that are just waiting to emerge, and by creating this habit of writing your abundance check every month, you help them to materialize, to come to life! The law of attraction has been around for a long time, everything we wish for comes true, but we are not always aware of it. Taking this step consciously brings a feeling of control, of taking charge of your life.

3. To find happiness

Do you feel that something is missing in your life to be happier? It is possible to ask to be happier and more fulfilled by writing your abundance check. However, I strongly suggest that you be as specific as possible in your requests because the Universe, not necessarily knowing what you need to be happy, could send you something that may not be quite right for you. What I find really fabulous with the abundance check is that we can ask for a multitude of good things that are not necessarily related to material and money such as; healing, beneficial encounters, achieving personal goals, freeing ourselves from bad habits…and why not, simply, have peace of mind, feel at peace with ourselves?

The end of the month is approaching and meeting all your payments is causing you anxiety? By writing your abundance check, you can count on the Universe to assist you and by the same token, help you let go of all your negative thoughts and stop anticipating the worst. Of course, this is not the only thing you can count on, but it is an additional way to create income for this month.

4. To enjoy a better quality of life

What if, in order to have a better quality of life, you only need to work 3 or 4 days a week? This is one of the things you can ask the Universe. If you formulate your requests well, you could receive the opportunity of the century that would allow you to realize this dream in order to have a better quality of life with your family or to live your passions.

5. To put magic in your life

There are times in our lives when everything is beautiful, everything is going well, but it lacks that little something that would make us smile or have something to talk about when we enter the office on Monday morning. You can ask the Universe to make your life more beautiful by adding some magic to it. A meeting, an event or an opportunity that will give you the push you need to develop a new passion and rekindle that spark inside you. The Universe could make you win a weekend with your lover or friends…who knows? The Universe has no shortage of ways to please us!

6. To create more abundance, more prosperity

We always need more. More money, more time, more love… In such a case, you could simply ask for « more positive abundance in everything » or be more specific about one area of your life. You have the right to ask the Universe for anything you want. However, sometimes this can go against your earthly life mission, yet the Universe can send you everything you need to accomplish your mission, just ask for it when you write your abundance check.

7. To help you keep your focus on your desire

My favorite part of the abundance check is being able to keep the focus on what you really want. Seeing it every day brings us back to imbibe positive emotions inside, to cultivate a fertile state of mind for the realization of our desires. It also allows us to take the right actions to help the Universe grant us our wishes. By insisting on our requests, we emit the energy compatible with them and we attract what we want in our life.

8. To help you keep a positive attitude towards money

When we say check, we mean money. Filling out these checks in a positive way, leads us to think that it is beneficial, so we develop a healthy relationship with money. To do this regularly, every month, will allow you to see that money can bring happiness, time, a good quality of life and that none of this is negative, quite the contrary. Because with more time and money we can help more of the people we love around us.

abundance checks

How and when to use the abundance check?

Tomorrow is the new moon. It’s also the perfect day to fill out your abundance check. Don’t panic if you don’t know what it is… I explain it all in this article!

1. Download and print your abundance check template. It’s a gift, I made it just for you ???? Click on the link, then right click with your mouse on the image and « Save image as… ».

2. Set the amount of your abundance check. You can mention whatever you want while keeping it realistic… It’s okay, you mentally removed some zeros? If you’re having trouble setting a specific amount, cross out the « sum of » and write « Financial Abundance » or « Positive Abundance ».

3. Fill it out like a traditional check: the amount, your first and last name, the place, the date… Obviously, it’s better to fill out your abundance check believing it!

4. Display it as a visualization board to condition your mind to receive this abundance or on the contrary, hide it to let go and trust the Universe.

5. Express your gratitude by thanking the Universe each time your request is granted.

The dates to fill your abundance check in 2021

It is traditionally recommended to perform the abundance check ritual within 24 hours of the new moon.

Here are all the new moon dates for 2021:

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2021
  • Thursday February 11, 2021
  • Saturday March 13, 2021
  • Monday April 12, 2021
  • Tuesday May 11, 2021
  • Thursday, June 10, 2021
  • Saturday, July 10, 2021
  • Sunday, August 8, 2021
  • Tuesday September 7, 2021
  • Wednesday, October 6, 2021
  • Thursday, November 4, 2021
  • Saturday, December 4, 2021
  • Have you ever tried it? Did it work?

To conclude

Be prepared for surprises, but don’t be impatient when you write your check to the Universe, things always come in time in your life. You have to trust yourself and have faith in the Universe, I assure you.

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