Law of attraction for work

How to find a job with the law of attraction

You can attract the job you want with the law of attraction. If you don’t have the qualifications for a job, and you really want it, you can get those qualifications.

Too often, people who are looking for work accept what they are offered, even if they don’t like the job, because they need the money. For the most part, they are never aware that they have a choice.

If you are looking for a job, or if you have a job but are looking for a better one, you can have it. With the Law of Attraction you can attract great opportunities, if you follow certain steps.

Successful people use the power of the Law of Attraction, but not always consciously. If you really want to be successful, you need to know how to use the power of the Law of Attraction correctly.

Our predominant thoughts, the ones we repeat often, materialize, especially those to which we attribute emotions and beliefs.

How to attract a job with the law of attraction

1 Think about the kind of job you want to have. Think about what you would really like to do. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t worry about the how, just think of the perfect job for you.

2 Several times a day, when you have a few minutes to spare, visualize yourself working in the job of your choice. Make the image as realistic as possible, with colors, sounds and especially feelings.

3 Visualize yourself working in harmony with your colleagues, and you see yourself enjoying what you do.

4 Visualize your check and how you feel when you receive it.

5 Visualize as clearly as you can.

6 Feel, as if you already have your new job. Believe that what you are visualizing has already happened.

7 Repeat the same thoughts or mental images over and over again, imprinting these images in your subconscious. In this way, you can program your subconscious mind to attract new opportunities, situations and circumstances that match these thoughts and images.

Condition your mind

Repetitive thoughts about a certain subject condition the mind to be aware of opportunities and prepare your mind to take advantage of those opportunities.

Your mind sends your vibrations out into the world. They are perceived by others on a subconscious level, and if they are in a position to help you, they will. Often when this kind of « coincidence » happens, it leads you to make contact with the right person at the right time to achieve your goal.

When you don’t have a job, or are looking for a better one, it is not always easy to ignore your doubts and concerns. However, you have to be focused on what you want in your situation to make a difference. This is the secret of success. You must constantly feed your mind with positive images and thoughts to inspire it.


You have great power, and you can use it to get a new and better job with the Law of Attraction, but remember that you can use it for anything you want.

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