Asking the universe

how to talk to the universe


If you are having difficulty receiving what you ask the universe in what follows, you will understand how to do so to finally receive what you desire.
Although making a request to the universe is a difficult subject to understand since it is an invisible world, many people have this idea. Since the universe is not a human entity that functions according to the criteria of Earthlings, there are specific visualization techniques for a request. So how do we formulate our request?


Before getting to the heart of the matter, know that the Universe does not pass judgment on the things we ask of it. Whether we are aware of our request or not, the Universe possesses pure energy that can provide answers to the vibration emitted by the requestor.

The functioning of the Universe is identical to that of a large mirror that reflects our answers in physical form in relation to a vibratory rate that we address to it. We can say that the universe does not sort the requests sent, like making a prayer.

The technique for making a request to the universe remains simple. In general, the best maneuver is not to proceed by a request since it provides two choices, acceptances or an easy opening to refusal. Here, it is important to really know what you want in your life. When you have a clear choice of what you need, you can freely decide what you want. With a clear position and firm intentions, you will already feel within you the possession of the thing you have asked for.

Indeed, several authors have opted for this technique, but rather by giving orders to the Universe. On the other hand, this request should not be perceived as an order or a relationship between a master and a slave if one wants to have good results. The Universe will in turn respond and make us receive signs. In this case, you will feel the true law of attraction from the message of the Universe. Most people think it is a subtle plan from the divine for a protection of the universe.

asking the universe


Know that if you want to get help from the universe, you must ask without fear. Embarrassment should no longer be part of your routine as if you were bothered to ask. Moreover, the universe fulfills your wishes, because its main interest is to make you feel good about your life. As soon as you are happy, you will contribute to the development of harmony in the rest of the world. You probably don’t know it, but the universe keeps helping you in your daily life, and this, in a natural way by providing you with protection.


In terms of the kinds of requests you can make, they have to come from the heart. To do this, consider meditation to connect with your heart so that it can vibrate spontaneously. The heart acts as a powerful magnet for your body to attract useful energies from your astral plane for personal development. Positive affirmations must therefore be part of the visualization techniques to adopt in order to receive signs. Benevolence and trust towards the universe are also techniques to have a positive response.


When you pray or make a request, you change the flow of your energies. You dedicate a part of it for the realization and the sending of this request. You emit an energetic impulse in the manner of a sonar.


You will then understand that the essential element in your request is you. Yes, you are the center of it! You are both at the root of this demand, at its conception, and you are the creator of the energetic scope it can take. It is in you that it is born and it is through you that it will express itself and take flight.

This is why, when you formulate it: become aware that it is in your body, in your gut, and through your whole being that this request is formulated. It is in your center that the rightness resides. It is in your center that the fears of the mind are extinguished. It is in your center that limiting beliefs are erased. But above all, it is in your center that the universe of all possibilities resides. We could call it, this center, your divine being. It is connected to all that you are, to the earth, to the sky, to Men, to energies, to the universe, and more… It is your source! You will have understood it. Your request is an energy coming from your source and not from your mind.


According to each person’s beliefs, these requests may be prayers to God, to your guides, to your angels, or to the beings of light. It is important for you to choose this recipient from your inner strength: to choose him/her because you believe in him/her and because you feel confident when you turn to him/her.

Here I come to a second important thing: if you believe in what you are asking for, then an essential step is climbed. Belief is a direct opening energy field. When you believe in something, you leave the door open to receive and transmit directly into this boundless field.


But how do you ask? I often hear people say: I’m going to write a letter, I’m going to go and pray, I’m going to have a book of requests, I’m going to ask politely, kindly and thank with an offering…

I feel like answering you: there are as many possibilities and ways to ask as there are human beings on this earth. What does this mean?

It means that the third thing that seems essential to me is to formulate your request (or prayer) in the most comfortable, natural, and least restrictive way for you. If it is comfortable for you to formulate your requests in the shower because it is your moment of relaxation, because you are sure that you will not be disturbed and because you are calm, then make your requests in the shower.

If your modus operandi is to spontaneously formulate your request as it passes through you, then continues to do so in this manner. If, on the other hand, you feel the need to put in a ritual: a specific place, a particular way, a dedicated formulation… Then feel free to respond to your need and put in place what will put you in the greatest openness to send this request.


When you ask the universe for something, it is necessary to follow certain steps. First of all, remember to be as clear as possible about the subject of your request, i.e. what you really want. Then, you must accompany this intention with positive emotion and strength to ensure your request. The important thing to ask the universe is to remain open to all the better things that happen to you to share your gratitude with your loved ones.

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