How to talk to your Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Guide

How to find and communicate with your Spiritual Guide

When we talk about a spiritual guide, everyone goes to great lengths to explain his or her point of view. But what is it exactly? Communicating with one’s guide on a daily basis is called « channeling. » This word comes from the English language and literally means « communication with the spirits ». It is important to first recognize it, before making contact. Follow the guide, we all explain this practice to you.

Once you know what a Spiritual Guide really is, know the ways, he contacts you and the mistakes to avoid before contacting him. You are in the best position to know how to find your Spiritual Guide.

In this article you will discover the best ways to contact him/her and to communicate with your spiritual guide.

Understand that, from a spiritual point of view, there is no such thing as chance, luck or coincidence.

Who are the Spiritual Guides?

The spiritual guide is an energy entity, which we call in everyday language a being of light, an angel or God. The word « spiritual guide » takes on its full meaning here; it also means « to show the way, the path. » And spiritual because it travels, moves in a non-earthly sphere. He is pure energy and is at the same time omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.

The Spiritual Guide reveals your path

Your guide has accepted the mission to follow you, to show you the way and never to judge your actions. He is not there for that. Communicate with your guide on a daily basis, if we follow his advice, he will be satisfied to have been able to carry out his mission. If not, he will persist relentlessly to reveal the way, the one that is destined for you.

Set a goal and formulate your question

The first thing to do, before you want to find your Spiritual Guide, is to determine why you want to find and contact him or her.

If it’s out of simple curiosity, it won’t work because Spiritual Guides are not there to simply satisfy your curiosity but to help you solve important problems, fulfill altruistic desires (both capable of satisfying you but also of doing good for others) and help you improve your life.

So, before you make any attempt to contact him, find out why you want to meet him. This can be a general goal such as: « I want to find my spiritual guide for (your choice): changing my life and/or experiencing happiness and/or improving my living conditions…) so an overall goal of change.

But you may also have a more specific need such as: « I want to get richer », « I want to find love », « I want to be lucky », « I am looking for good health » or any other desire of your choice.

Thoughts are, indeed, very powerful forms of energy. Thus, the stronger your motivations are, the more forcefully they will be projected toward your spiritual guide, especially if they are animated by positive intentions.

So, now take a sheet of paper, but I advise you to keep a journal where you will record your journey in search of your Spiritual Guide and then everything that happens between you and him. This will be your spiritual diary.

When I say « journey, » I don’t mean that it will necessarily be long and painful. This contact can be established quickly, depending on your conviction and the efforts you make in this regard.

Meet your spiritual guide

How to talk to your Spiritual Guide

The best thing to do, of course, if you want to find your Spiritual Guide, is to take the first step and meet him.

Going to meet him/her means having thoughts, saying words, and doing things.

If you don’t know where to start, trust your Spiritual Guide, because if your desire to communicate with him or her is sincere, he or she will show you the way.

If your motives are serious and positive, you should soon have proof that he will respond to your request.

To detect the signs of contact from your Spiritual Guide, you may wish to review Article 2, which outlines a number of ways in which spirits on higher planes of consciousness usually manifest.

By practicing this new state of mind and a continuous vigilance to discern its signs, you should not delay in spotting its presence.

At this point, two things can happen; either you spontaneously find ways to contact him or he will let you know how to do so.

The routine for finding your spiritual guide

To help you in this regard, I provide below a routine for detecting your Spiritual Guide that should allow you to find and communicate with him or her. You can take inspiration from this routine word for word or integrate it and adapt it, in your own way, to your attempt to contact your spiritual guide.

The Spiritual Guide Contact Routine

  • Believing in the existence of your Spiritual Guide
  • Describe the strongest reason you can think of for looking for it.
  • Repeat this reason with motivation in the morning and at bedtime.

As soon as you have the opportunity during the day, think, talk and act in the direction of this meeting.

This means having thoughts about this desire for contact such as: « I want to meet you, my Spiritual Guide, because (describe the reason you want to communicate with him.). »

This means to have words affirming your belief in the existence of your Spiritual Guide and that he will contact you because (describe the reason you are communicating with him by using, for example, the thought above.). You may also use any other phrases you wish. The more personal and stated in your own way, the more likely you are to make contact with your Spiritual Guide.

This means that you should always act with the intention of meeting your Spiritual Guide, directly or indirectly.

You will do this directly by praying, meditating, performing ceremonies or rituals.

You will do it in an indirect way by behaving in your daily life in a disinterested, positive and beneficial way towards others in all your usual activities: in family, at work, with your friends, your colleagues…

Likewise, in general, be polite and respectful with everyone you meet, even if you are seeing them for the first time, the last time or only once in your life!

your request must be frank

The more you will be able to adopt this routine and a benevolent attitude, a fortiori with people with whom you have no connection, which is more difficult than with people you know or close to you, the more quickly your Spiritual Guide will become known and will establish a privileged and continuous contact with you!

This active attitude is very effective in finding your Spiritual Guide. Indeed, when questioning people who claim not to believe, not to have any sign of their spiritual guide or not to have found him or her, we often realize that they have never made the effort to try to act by applying the above advice.

I assure you that if you follow my advice to contact your Spiritual Guide, you will necessarily end up establishing a lasting contact with him or her.

How do I know that it is my Spiritual Guide who is contacting me!

If your request is frank, clear, precise and positive, you will certainly receive an answer, but not necessarily in a spectacular way in the form of a being haloed by a magnificent light and descending majestically from Heaven!


Finding your spiritual guide is simple and complicated at the same time!

In this article, I have not described any extraordinary spiritual methods or practices, magic ceremonies or esoteric rituals that are based on complicated formulas or require special magic aids to find your spiritual guide because it is not useful!

There are, indeed, as many ways to find your spiritual guide as there are beliefs, traditions, religions or human beings.

Each person is unique. You will not find another being like you in the whole universe. Become aware of this and you will appreciate living this existence even more!

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