life path compatibility

life path compatibility

How to know the life path compatibility in love

Compatibility of the life path in the romantic relationship

If you’ve always wanted to know about the know your life path compatibility in love, this post should be of interest to you. A love encounter is always strewn with doubts as to its compatibility. In the beginning, passion prevails, and everything seems perfect down to the last detail. But as time goes by, the routine gains ground and everyone notices their partner’s little flaws.

Faced with this situation, there are only two possible outcomes: either the couple is strong enough to find a long-term balance, or the relationship ends up irretrievably collapsing…

According to numerology, all this is no coincidence. According to very specific numbers and calculations, there is a certain degree of compatibility between two individuals. The higher the degree of compatibility, the greater the chance that the relationship will be successful.

So, is this a true romance or just a passing story?

We tell you everything in this article…

What is love compatibility?

Life is not a long, calm river…

Each person sees their life as a couple differently. Love compatibility therefore resonates in many ways in each other’s head… but what is it really like?

Some people think that being highly compatible with one’s partner undeniably guarantees a relationship without the slightest cloud. This is not the case. Being compatible as numerology suggests doesn’t necessarily mean that your couple will never experience hardship.

In fact, you should know that the obstacles you encounter in the course of your life usually have a reason to exist. They must be considered as sources of learning, capable of making you gain in wisdom, in self-knowledge, and in knowledge of the other.

Love compatibility, therefore, does not necessarily mean navigating a long, calm river. Two compatible individuals are above all individuals who complement each other on all levels. It is a question of a mutual contribution, in the spiritual sense of the term. Through this unconscious exchange, the partners are then able to overcome, and above all benefit from, the difficulties encountered.

Seeing beyond appearances

Compatibility in love in the sense of numerology has nothing to do with human conceptions. Spontaneously, we would tend to summarize compatibility as a matter of temperament. In numerology, things are much more complex and nuanced.

Numerology is a discipline based on very precise numbers and calculations. According to numerology, each number has a particular meaning. Through certain mathematical operations, the numbers related to our identity reveal many aspects of our lives.

Using numerology is not about judging a relationship by external criteria, but about analyzing symbols that you have not chosen.

Two radically opposed characters can be highly compatible, and vice versa. Absolutely everything is possible in numerology, and the surprises are numerous…

Interpreting your love compatibility rate

Another question often comes up when we talk about love compatibility. Does love compatibility always guarantee a successful love story? Conversely, is not being compatible necessarily synonymous with failure? Once again, the answer is no.

Love compatibility should never be seen as an end in itself. Rather, it is a tool that you are completely free to grasp or not. In all circumstances, you remain in control of your existence, and it is your choices and actions that determine the future.

For example, a highly compatible couple can completely fail if the partners make no effort. On the contrary, two people who are not compatible can be surprisingly successful together if each puts in the effort and learns to adjust to their partner’s needs.

Love compatibility is therefore not inevitable. It is not an exact science, but an esoteric approach to human relationships. It could be similar to the more or less solid foundations of a construction. The foundation is important, but it is not everything. It is you who creates your building according to the way you solidify it and the stones you add to it…

life path calculator

How to calculate your love compatibility?

The essential elements to know

To calculate his love compatibility, it is necessary to know, for both partners, several indispensable elements: the life path, the number of expression and the intimate number. Let’s find out right away together how to obtain them.

The path of life

The life path in numerology is an element attributed to each individual from birth. It takes the form of a number that is obtained by calculation.

This number is somehow linked to an energetic vibration. It therefore allows you to determine certain broad outlines of your personality, your choices, or your aspirations…

The calculation of the life path, also known as the birth number, is relatively simple. Just take the numbers from your date of birth and add them up. For example, if you were born on July 25, 1982, you would simply do: 25 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 52.

Then you will have to add the remaining numbers together, so that you get only one number. In the example above, you will have to do the following calculation: 5 + 2 = 7.

The number of expression

In numerology, the number of expression gives information about your character. It expresses your qualities, your defects, or your influence on your environment…

The number of expressions is calculated from the letters of your first and last names. Each series of letters is associated with a number. Here’s how to convert your letter into numbers :

A, J, S = 1

B, K, T = 2

C, L, U = 3

D, M, V = 4

E, N, W = 5

F, O, X = 6

G, P, Y = 8

H, Q, Z, I, R = 9

Then, you just have to add all the numbers of your first and last names. For example, if your name is Mary Davis, you will have to do the following calculation: 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 + 1 + 4 +9 + 1 , which will give you a result of 41.

If the result is a number, you must add it up again to get a number between 1 and 9. In this case, we will therefore do 4 + 1, which will give 5.

The intimate number

The intimate number, also known as the spiritual impulse, reveals in numerology your “deepest self”. In a way, it determines the person you are really hiding behind appearances.

To calculate its intimate number, it will be necessary to use only the vowels of your first and last names, following the same equivalence table as for the number of expressions. Note that married women will have to use their maiden name, not their married name.

Let’s take the example of Mary Davis. The vowels are : A,Y, A,I. The calculation to be made will therefore be as follows: 1 + 8 + 1 + 9, which will give us 19. We then reduce this number to a number, by performing the calculation 1+9 . The intimate number is therefore 10.

The calculation of love compatibility

According to the life path, the number of expressions and the intimate number, it becomes possible to evaluate in numerology the love compatibility. For this, it will be necessary to compare the compatibility of the life path, the number of expressions and the intimate number between the two partners. It will be the average of these 3 fits that will allow to define a certain general compatibility threshold. Let’s see in more detail how to proceed…

Compatibility of life paths

When two life paths are compatible, it means that the relationship is conducive to fulfillment for both parties. Here are the compatible pairs:

  • 1 and 7 which correspond to two particularly independent people who need daily moments of solitude to recharge their batteries.
  • 2 and 6 which correspond to two people who love social relationships, and enjoy building many friendly ties around their couple.
  • 3 and 9 which correspond to two altruistic people, with great values, appreciating putting their skills at the service of others and the world.
  • 4 and 8 which correspond to two people with great self-confidence and a certain sense of loyalty. They appreciate being able to count on each other.
  • 5 and 10, which correspond to two intrepid people who love challenge, adrenaline and new experiences. Both have a great need for discovery.

Compatibility of expression numbers

For expression numbers, on the contrary, it is the opposites that attract each other. There is an energetic search for balance, just like Yin and Yang.

Here are the pairs that are conducive to success in love:

The 1 and the 6.

The 1 is somewhat introverted. He can easily take offense. While the 6 is very open to others, and comes to temper the withdrawal of his partner.

The 2 and the 7.

The 2 enjoys being of service to the world. The 7, as for him, is rather solitary, and turn towards himself. Together, they learn to bring to others, while preserving themselves.

The 3 and the 8.

The 3 is an artist constantly dreaming. He brings an important touch of imagination and great values. The 8, more down-to-earth, appreciates what is material and concrete. Each one brings to the other what he lacks to succeed.

The 4th and the 9th.

The 4 is organized. He has his feet on the ground and knows how to make things concrete. The 9, more spiritual, has his head in the stars. The 9 thinks, and the 4 realizes.

The 5 and the 10.

The 5 is immediately in action. He can even be a little impulsive. The 10, on the other hand, prefers to analyze at length before taking action.

Compatibility of intimate numbers

Finally, it will be the adequacy between the intimate numbers that will finish defining the love compatibility between two individuals. Here are the pairs which correspond to each other:

The 1 and the 10.

Although the 10 has a stronger energy than the 1, both have the same aspirations. Together, 1 and 10 are capable of achieving great things.

The 2 and 4.

This pair is synonymous with emotional stability. Together, 2 and 4 find a perfect balance, and bring a lot to others.

The 3 and the 5.

These two energies live their earthly incarnation to the fullest. They love to enjoy all the benefits that surround them, and do not hesitate to be in action.

The 6 and the 8.

Together, they are a solid foundation for building a family. Both are focused on comfort and security. They know how to sacrifice themselves for the collective well-being.

The 7th and the 9th.

It is true that the 9th is more open to the world than the 7th. However, both appreciate putting their knowledge at the service of others. Together, they know how to show empathy, generosity and are a true symbol of progress.

Conclusion on the loving compatibility of life paths

As you will have understood, love compatibility involves many very specific calculations in numerology. It is important to rigorously perform each step Have you already calculated your love compatibility? If so, what was the result? Did this process help you choose the right partner? Do not hesitate to share your experience as a comment!

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