The scripting: technique of manifestation via the law of attraction

But what is scripting!?

I’ve been using JOURNALING for a few years now, the technique of having a journal or notebook and writing down your thoughts when things are going well, as well as when they’re going badly.

It’s a technique to empty your brain and get out of it, because I’m sure you’ve also been trapped in your head and just think about something that’s bothering you!

So, you guessed it, it was mostly negative stuff coming out of my head and landing on my journal. BUT, it really works! It took my worries out of my head!

However, having been in personal growth for a long time, I wanted to take it to the next level and this way of doing things didn’t totally fit me anymore.

So I asked the Universe for help, and within minutes, hours of asking (yes, yes, you can ask the Universe clear questions and it answers!) I opened my YouTube and came across a video that explained scripting.

I thought to myself, “Well, another case”, but I couldn’t help myself and had to listen to this video that particularly caught my attention!

MAGIC! The best writing trick I’ve ever come across

If you know me at all… You know I am ALL ABOUT making dreams come true!

NO time on earth to waste! If you feel the same way I do, I say, you have to try this technique!

IMPORTANT information to know before continuing

Every second, we analyze 11 million pieces of information in our brain! This is all information that we capture through our different senses such as sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, intuition. In short, a ton of information to analyze every second!

And in our head, we have 2 parts to our brain. (This is not a physical division!)

The conscious and the subconscious (which I call the unconscious).

The conscious part manages between 1 and 5% of our lives! While the subconscious manages the rest, that is 95 to 99% of everything we do!

This may be one of the reasons why you have so much difficulty changing your lifestyle habits.

A good example to understand what the subconscious mind is able to do is to drive!

All drivers will be able to recognize themselves.

We’ve all been on the highway before, but we’re so engrossed in what we’re thinking, what’s happening between our 2 ears, that a few minutes later we’re stunned to realize we’ve made it, even though we don’t remember all the steps of our driving.

Yet, no lane deviation, no scratches and no collision!

Our subconscious mind is like a robot, if I may say so, and it does what it has learned over time.

Driving becomes a habit for many of us, so it is possible for us to not be completely there mentally because we are thinking about other things, but still drive safely.

WARNING: I am NOT saying drive while impaired! I’m just giving you an example of your subconscious controlling your life. But this is only possible if you are fully there, so no alcohol or drugs! ***

Just in case a thick bubble makes you do something stupid!

Last information before embarking on the scripting!

Your brain has a hard time, if not impossible, to separate reality from what it thinks is true.

You know, when you make up stories in your head that, well the simplest example is when you think your boyfriend cheated on you, but it’s not based on anything other than your jealousy, your brain will create evidence, explanations of why and how!

In short, an ordinary example to tell you that we end up convincing ourselves of a “falsehood” by sticking to it!

But on a much more positive note, this same “defect” of our brain can play to our advantage!

Imagine that your brain thinks you have xyz, then your being will also want to work on filling that GAP between reality and what your brain thinks is reality.

And that’s where the magic of scripting lies!

Scripting is a form of visualization that works under the law of attraction.

If you don’t know the law of attraction, then I will have to write another article on the subject, and it will be with great pleasure because I am fascinated by this subject! But, like really!

So scripting is a way of doing visualization, but in writing!

How to do scripting

When I get up in the morning, in order to start the day on the right foot and focus on my goals, I’m going to do some scripting.

You will need a notebook or as I call it, a journal, and of course a pencil.

So I’m going to script on my dreams that I have, my goals, my vision, what I aspire to have, the person I will be in 1-2-5 years!

In short, it’s writing in the PRESENT tense, what’s happening in your ideal future.

For example:

I am so happy and grateful to wake up this morning in my bright and beautiful lake house. Thank you to me, for believing in my abilities, for being persistent. Despite all the pitfalls, the criticism and my doubts, I am finally here doing my yoga looking at the lake in my dream home. I am grateful for my job that allows me to travel the world. I help women reach their full potential and realize their dreams by adopting new habits and a fiery mindset! I strive for the best for myself and my family. Thank you universe.

OK, I admit, I believe in a higher power, in a Universe, life or as some call it, God.


Instead, you can do your scripting by putting yourself in the shoes of your next level self, the one who already has that house, that bank account, those qualities, that husband. IN SHORT.

The magic of scripting is that there are no rules, just a principle to follow, and there is no limit to what you can script. It can be about anything in your life or THE life, and there is no limit to how big it can be!

We also hear that dreams written on paper are more likely to come true. You don’t have to go far to understand that. Need I remind you that you have like 10 million pieces of information to analyze every second… that’s why we are not always focused.

A secret ingredient to make Scripting work

First, be convincing and compelling when you write it!

It’s like the unspoken, but so obvious base!

But the secret is EMOTION!

You can’t just write for the sake of writing. You have to put your heart into it, write with joy, fulfillment.

It’s not enough to describe in the present, you have to be there fully. You have to put yourself in the shoes of what you are scripting.

Example: You want $10,000 in your bank account for a trip. You have to write as if LIVE right now you’re feeling happy and grateful because the money is REALLY there in your account.

Your brain will eventually think, crime every time she thinks the money is really in her account… and it will want to close the GAP between what you really have and what you think you have.

With patience, your scripting will become reality!

To summarize

The golden rules of scripting are :

  1. Write in the present tense
  2. Do your scripting every day
  3. Be consistent!
  4. Be REALLY grateful for what you want, as if you already have it
  5. Believe in it with ALL your being
  6. Put strong emotions into it (accomplishment, joy, gratitude…)

And you’re gonna make it happen !

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