Success is a habit

Success is a habit

The 12 habits of successful people

Success makes you dream? You want to achieve it. You work for it, but sometimes it doesn’t come naturally? People who are always or almost always successful irritate you but inspire you at the same time? Know that they are just like you and me. It’s simply their way of thinking and acting that is different!

For you, we have listed 12 of their little habits that, once adopted, can help you achieve success.

1 – Act yourself!

You and only you are in charge! Don’t wait for someone to do something for you, do it yourself. Be independent, look at the opportunities around you, and simply act! This is the basis for success in your business but also in your life in general.

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2 – Be resourceful!

No small problem, a slight obstacle, or a trap on your course will disassemble or slow you down! Be flexible and try all possible and unimaginable solutions to find the one that will make you shout « Alleluia! « Never give up. You are strong, you are combative, you are the king of the jungle in a way.

3 – Stay enthusiastic!

We say it again and again: being positive is only good! And that goes through enthusiasm. Successful people are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. And they want to let people know it. It’s not a movie. They really love their work from the bottom of their heart (yes, I know, it may sound weird to some people) and the worst thing is that their enthusiasm is contagious. Office colleagues and clients will catch this wonderful virus.

4 – Innovate!

Create, innovate, be the Picasso of your business! Instead of always doing and redoing the same thing in the same way, think higher, faster, bigger! To do this, you must experiment and not be afraid to take risks, but also accept that occasionally you can also fail and that it is only a step to succeed even better afterward (I told you: you must keep a « positive attitude »!).

5 – Play it as a team!

It’s good not to rely on others to move forward, but sometimes you have to know when you need help. We are always stronger as a team to achieve greater goals. So we create a fine team of talented and energetic individuals in the « Avengers » style (no need to disguise ourselves) to accomplish much more than what we would have done alone.

6 – Become a speaker!

Successful people excel in the field of communication. They know what to say, how to say it and to whom. But they also know how to listen and analyze. So no need to take your best pen and write a speech to your employees every morning after coffee, but know how to talk to them but also to your customers, your wife, your dogs… It can help, you’ll see.

7 – Create your network.

Have contacts both inside and outside the office. The baker who gives you a free pain au chocolat every Sunday morning doesn’t count… although you never know! Successful people have an impressive network that can help them find opportunities, help to solve problems but also customers of course.

8 – They learn their limits

You learn best when you yourself go beyond your previous level of comfort.

Of course, it’s not easy to get into a habit when the flow is too high.

But it’s the best way to learn.

You want to stretch yourself sometimes to the limit of your capacity.

It must be hard and uncomfortable.

It’s the way your brain develops.

We learn when we are in our uncomfortable zone.

When you’re in trouble, it makes you stronger and smarter.

The more time you spend, the more you learn.

It’s better to spend ten minutes in a very high quality than to spend a mediocre hour running around.

9 – They rely on their intuition to make decisions

  • Intuition is very real and it is something that is never wise to ignore.
  • Intuition comes from deep within your subconscious mind and is derived from your past life experiences.
  • If everyone says « yes » to you, but your instincts tell you otherwise, it’s usually for a good reason.

When faced with difficult decisions, seek all the information you can find, become as competent as you can, and then listen to your God-given instincts.

Successful people know that trusting their intuition is equivalent to trusting their true self.

The more you trust your true self, the more control you have over your goals and dreams.

10 – They focus consciously on the positive

A recent scientific study has shown that doctors who put themselves in a positive frame of mind before making a diagnosis experience a significant increase in their intellectual capacity, allowing them to make an accurate diagnosis almost 20% faster.

The same study was done on other professions and found that optimistic salespeople sell more than almost 50% more than their pessimistic counterparts.

Thus, it turns out that our minds are literally programmed to work optimally when they are not negative, or even neutral, but when they are positive.

Of course, this does not mean that successful people never lose their calm, but your effectiveness in all areas of life will be better if you are able to accept in full consciousness and let go of negative emotions, rather than dwell on them.

Think a little less about managing your problems and a little more about managing your state of mind.

11 – They keep a kind of personal notebook

People who succeed, track their progress, set goals, reflect and learn from their mistakes.

And they often use a kind of notebook to get there.

You can write down what you did today, what you tried to accomplish, where you made mistakes and so on, it’s:

  1. a place for reflection.
  2. a place to capture important thoughts.
  3. a place to be able to track where you have been and where you intend to go.
  4. one of the least used tools, but an incredibly effective tool available to everyone.

12 – They control their pride

Last but not least for:

  1. admit that they made a mistake.
  2. to say they are sorry.
  3. to know that they can’t know everything.
  4. to have big dreams.
  5. Admit that they owe their success to others.
  6. make fun of themselves from time to time.
  7. Ask for help when they need it.
  8. make mistakes, fail, and try again with all their willpower.
  9. There are no permanent or absolute jobs on this planet.
  10. We are all only here on a fixed-term internship to explore.
  11. Learn from everyone, stay humble and remember to have a good time along the way.

That’s what successful people think.

Now it’s up to you to make these 12 points into habits. This can only be beneficial on your way to success!

After reflection

If you must remember only two words in this article, let those words be: « Stretch » and « Observe. »

Stretch: as in… you stretch. Always push yourself to the limit of your abilities, so that you can develop and grow.

Observe: as in … observe those who are more qualified than you are, so you can take notes and imitate them.

The floor is yours …

Do you have a habit that has helped you or someone you know that has contributed to your success?

Leave us a comment below and share your impressions with us.

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