The law of attraction explained to the beginner

The law of attraction explained

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is based on scientific and psychological facts. Like the fact that there is attraction between certain objects.

This law is based on the principle that we attract to ourselves what we think. As you have surely heard: “Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive”. Your thoughts represent the vibrations that you exchange with the Universe. The Universe responds to you according to what it has perceived.

However, it is important to know that the law of attraction is not the solution to all your problems. To use this law properly, it is not enough to think about what you want to get. It is much more complex than that in practice.

How does the law of attraction work?

As I said before, positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences. The result depends on the degree of your thoughts. In this law, we can also talk about energies.

Everything around us gives off energy and vibration to a greater or lesser extent. We can exchange energies between us. As explained very well in this article:

How to raise your vibration

It is therefore important for you to learn to open yourself to these energies if you are not already doing so. By having faith in them and in their powers, you give yourself the opportunity to increase your vibratory frequency.

Your thoughts influence your vibratory frequency up or down. The more you think positively, the stronger the waves you emit. This allows you to attract strong and rich experiences. Your actions and behaviors also have a positive or negative influence on the law of attraction.

On the contrary, negative thoughts will cause your frequency to drop. As a result, you will have failed, negative or disappointing experiences.

How to apply the law of attraction?

After all this information, I suppose you understand why I said that this law was simple but complex. Because if it is only about thoughts, it is nevertheless difficult to control them.

To apply this law, I don’t think there is a miracle technique. As I said earlier, it is based on your thoughts. It is above all an attitude, a way of thinking and seeing life that you must develop to obtain the results you want.

To take advantage of the fruits of your thoughts, here are 5 things that you must learn to develop and implement in your life and in your daily life.

Developing a positive attitude

Learning to be a positive person is essential, even if it’s only a secondary role.

You don’t need to be told A+B that a positive attitude is essential if you want to achieve your goals. It is a daily personal work that requires a lot of time and effort. However, it allows you to open doors that were previously unthinkable. But also to see life in a new light.

The more positive and optimistic you can make your life, the more likely you are to attract positive experiences. When your thoughts are sincere and in tune with your inner self, you create an alignment between you and the Universe. This allows you to raise your vibratory frequency.

Maintain an unconditional self-love

In this law, an important element not to be neglected is love for oneself. A love for oneself releases positive energies.

When I talk about self-love, I mean sincere, respectful, caring and supportive self-love. Love yourself as the person you love most on this earth, if not more!

To use the law of attraction, your thoughts must be in alignment with your personality. That they are 100% in line with your deepest desires and your true personality. This concerns the emotional, spiritual and mental levels.

The more you love yourself, the more you will be in agreement with yourself and therefore in alignment with the Universe. I remind you that this alignment between you and the Universe allows you to really attract what you want.

Practicing gratitude

Gratitude is a notion that we forget over the years, and yet it is your best ally. Whether it’s in your life, in your daily life or even when using the law of attraction.

Being grateful every day for everything that happens to you in life is beneficial. It develops your positive attitude, but it also raises your vibratory frequency. Being aware of what happens to you in life and how lucky you are changes everything.

When you become grateful, you open your heart and mind. You become available to welcome new things into your life. Things that are even better than what you have now.

Doing meditation

Meditation has many benefits. It is good for the body and the mind. But above all, it connects you to the source energy, to the Universe, to your deepest self.

By practicing meditation you will first discover new sensations. You may not realize how much it can bring you to a state of well-being, happiness and inner peace.

During the meditation sessions, you will also be able to find answers. This inner peace allows you to have a clear mind. Your thoughts are calm and serene. This allows you to open up to your personal energies, which are there to guide you towards your reality.

Visualize and feel

The law of attraction is very much based on energies. Everything around us has energy and causes attraction. It is like a satellite picking up waves and responding with a signal.

To use this law effectively, it is important to learn to feel and visualize yourself. When you feel and see yourself already having what you want (and it is 100% in line with your personality) then you will get it. This is the principle of this law.

Thinking and seeing yourself with everything you want to attract already allows you to manifest it. You can use a vision board to visualize your goals and intentions.


There is no secret to mastering the law of attraction. It’s all about continuing your personal development and growth. Continue to love yourself more and more. Stay positive in all circumstances. Thinking and acting 100% yourself is what will lead you to your success.

All the answers you are looking for are hidden inside you. This is what we call intuition or personal energy. They are there to guide you and lead you to your reality. They allow you to materialize what you have wanted through your deepest thoughts and desires.

Sometimes, it is also necessary to free yourself from certain personal brakes to allow the manifestation. By freeing yourself from the past and from your fears, you leave room for new experiences.

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