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law of attraction money

How to attract more money With the law of attraction?

Many people ask themselves the following question: Can the Law of Attraction allow me to attract more money? The answer is simple, by discovering the rules and a few little exercises to attract money through the Law of Attraction, it will completely change and direct abundance and money in your direction.

Earning more money is not an end in itself, nor is being eternally young, beautiful and healthy.

However, earning more money may be a relative necessity. After all, what is really necessary for a given situation? The lack of money to meet daily expenses or to carry out a project.

Finding love in one’s life, being happy, safe, finding one’s loved ones from whom one is separated, earning more money, etc… are absolutely normal, even natural concerns.

If you want to earn more money, you should know two things, to make yourself comfortable:

you are not alone in this case…

but it’s your right, and it’s not a problem!


The problem would be to make it a problem. Because indeed, money, sex, success and anything else can become a problem, for yourself.

Either you feel that you lack some and don’t manage to get more. If you feel that this is a problem, you start to suffer because of that perception of the situation… probably more than the objective situation itself.

If you feel that you have enough, but have a complex about not deserving it, or that you become jealous of your loved ones because they have more, or whatever…

Here again, we begin to suffer in a way that is more psychological than real, because of our mind, which torments us by decreeing that this represents a problem, from which there is every reason to suffer.


Let us begin by specifying, with regard to the “Law of attraction“, that we recognize that there is indeed a relevant way to position oneself in relation to the objective, which makes it easier to achieve it. And the reverse is also true. Unfortunately, there are bad ways of doing things that take the realization of our desires away from us.

In other words, there is a skill to be acquired in order to realize one’s dreams.

To do so, we must first understand the Law of Attraction, not only in depth but also in its nuances.

Otherwise, one remains an ignorant little child, who repeats without understanding it, and therefore without the real power or efficiency of superstitious practices.

Unfortunately asleep by reading too easily, to the detriment of an authentic maturity and responsibility, which alone will allow a true and perennial result.


Of course, there are some people who win the lottery, and others who seem to be momentarily affected by luck… And among them, some may have practiced learned visualizations or positive affirmations that may have contributed to these strokes of luck.

But often, alas, the result is ephemeral, and the long-awaited success seems to recede and eventually retreat if the right inner vibration is not sustained over time.


Earning more money is first of all a question of attitude and positioning in relation to your objective.

And then you know that everything in life changes all the time. And that’s good, fortunately so.

Because you can’t do anything about it! So first you have to accept reality.

Otherwise you have no point of support and you can’t have an action on a situation if you don’t accept it. Afterward, by being deeply connected, rather than rejecting, you will have the possibility to interact, therefore to influence, and therefore to transform things.

It is by accepting this, now, at every moment, that we cultivate within ourselves the availability and openness to welcome the realization of our dreams.


But changing your way of thinking is not enough. You will have to act too if you want to earn more money or change anything else.

You have to act differently because there will be no change if you don’t change anything.

And you have to act, in short, because if you don’t act, you won’t embody the change you want.

So it will remain virtual, like a platonic love, which remains at the level of the heart but is not consumed to the end.

There are simple actions and powerful practices to implement, such as the pivot process. Every time you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about money, you reverse them. That’s it!

I won’t “become” it is entirely possible to do so. Others have done it. I myself have already been successful. So I can do it, etc….

I regret having lost or not having been able to win… “becomes” that’s fine. Next time will be the right one. And in the meantime, I am learning positive lessons from this experience.

First about myself, then about the situation. I am perfectly confident that I will succeed. And it’s quite normal for there to be some inertia, until I’ve changed enough.

What do I need to change in my way of seeing and doing in order to eliminate probable resistances that I put in place without realizing it?

I am really upset that I don’t possess this or that “becomes” the present situation, and the temporary frustration I feel puts me in contact with my deepest desire.

What would I like to possess (this or that)? I see myself with it, enjoying it… In this image, I see myself feeling good with it, and I feel good right away.

It’s super simple, but this simplicity is difficult because it seems too simplistic, and as a result we forget very quickly. So we don’t practice this thoughtless conversion into a positive.


I find these ideas funny. You’ll like them if you like to play like a child unwrapping Christmas presents. Have fun with them if they inspire you. Some of them are super naive. So what if they are?

Boost your bank account

Look at the amount on your statement and delete the comma with a white pencil. Then look at the amount you get (for example, you could read: 4733.56E and now you read: 473.356 E!) or add zeros to reach the amount you would like to have.

For example 47,335,600E, virtually turning you into a millionaire). If you are in deficit, change and put the amount you want on the positive side, then look at that amount regularly before going to bed, as if it were true.

Of course, your banker won’t know about it. It may not be enough overnight to boost your bank account. But it will allow your brain to record corrected data, and your imagination to fire up.

Signing prosperity cheques

blank cheque

By writing these checks, you align your intent with that of the universe. Indicating that you are ready to receive. By repeating this gesture of signing cheques, you will not put yourself in the red concretely, but virtually. You will continuously reinforce your intention to live the prospérité???? even facsimile checks will be effective with this exercise.

Paying bills with pleasure

This practice is more realistic and very simple to achieve. Simply write thank you on the back of the payment checks (instead of delaying the time of payment as if to hold the money). More efficient than to grumble inside or to fear to be destitute. Spending money tests an act of trust, which attracts confidence and abundance.

It is a way of creating space in one’s life, loosening up one’s inner self while enriching one’s mental strength and acquired objects.

It is also a way to circulate and avoid stagnation. Spend joyfully (not a reason to squander foolishly!).

Play spending in one’s head

Choose a large sum of money, and imagine what you would spend it on if you had it. Imagine how happy you would be to distribute it over several motivating projects, hearing the dialogues, seeing the situations, feeling the satisfaction, etc…

It’s a way to plug into a desirable future to attract it. The time spent visualizing these purchases, with an emotion of pleasure, attracts them powerfully into your life.

Prosperity Game

Each day, you can allocate a virtual amount of money to yourself and spend it virtually. Choose purchases that stimulate the desire to expand. Since this is subconscious programming, it is best to set it down in writing.

For example in the form of checks, it is more like reality and it is concrete for the subconscious mind to write the check by hand. In a way, by the gestures of the hand that writes, the subconscious mind thinks as real and the attraction will realize this in real life.

Beware, this becomes almost scientific.

Start from a capital and double it every day:

1st day 1000E, 2nd day 2000E, 3rd day 4000E, 4th day 8000E, etc…

At the end of one year, you will have accumulated and spent virtually 66 million Euros!

Which is an excellent exercise for the imagination. It stimulates desire and pushes the limits of our habits.

According to the law of attraction, what we think (the content of our mind: our beliefs, our thoughts, our emotions) attracts in our environment its equivalent.

This game makes it possible to surprise the mind by bypassing its resistances. Since it is only a game, it does not need to worry about how. So one chooses without restraint the contents of the mind, enhancing it. Thus by dint of repetition, the law of attraction will become concrete in your reality.

Bringing to life a list of desires

When you think of something, you invite it. Make a wish list, to connect to our desires and open the field of possibilities.

Write down your wishes and put a financial figure on the price of making them come true. Ask the Universe to grant the means to pay for these wishes.

To avoid not believing in these dreams, let them be formulated as dreams: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…”.

Remember that aiming high, wanting abundance and prosperity requires no more effort than it takes to accept misery and poverty.

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