How to stop negative thoughts

How to stop negative thoughts

7 ways to stop negative thoughts

In this article we will see 7 ways to stop negative thoughts. To always see life in pink is a utopia. Having negative thoughts is normal. However, the recurrence of certain thoughts puts you in a paralyzing state that can even darken your life. Negative thoughts are usually fleeting and temporary, but it is their repetition and accumulation that is harmful.

While negative thoughts can be seen as a protective mechanism that prepares you for the worst – you create worst-case scenarios, for example – they often paralyze you and prevent you from reaching your full potential. They are an obstacle to your personal, emotional and professional development. Worse yet, you let them control you.

It starts in your head

Our brain has an amazing power, that of juggling with our emotions. With a disconcerting ease. And when we don’t like the situation we’re in, negative ideas start flying around inside our heads.

The cause?

A reproach, a project that fails, a bad performance, the fact of criticizing ourselves, stress, daily worries… The list of triggers is long. This is part of life. Yes, it is. But for whatever reason, most of us deal with it in an awkward way and keep it inside ourselves, unconsciously.

As a result, we maintain a state of mind that only eats away at us. Maintaining a negative self-talk is like banging your head against a wall when you already have a headache.

Various manifestations of negativity

Here are different forms of negative views of reality

  1. anxieties
  2. worries
  3. self-sabotage
  4. complaints
  5. criticism
  6. remorse and regret
  7. Lies
  8. comparisons
  9. ruminations
  10. guilt


When you see life only in a negative way, your vision of reality becomes biased. You come to believe that these thoughts are true beliefs. They condition your choices and decisions, which is not always to your advantage. Then, without realizing it, your brain – as the true GPS of your thoughts – looks for evidence to support your negative thoughts… and it finds it. You’re in a never-ending spiral that undermines your morale, sabotages your life and saps your energy.

Train yourself to see life differently

1) Recognize your negative thoughts

Recognize the appearance of negative thoughts so you can stop their proliferation. This way, you won’t feed them anymore and you’ll be able to get rid of the walls of this prison.

2) Break down your negative thoughts

Without giving them too much importance and spending hours on them, try to sort them out. See what is true (and what is false!) in each negative thought. Try to find out what triggered the negative thought. You’ll be able to detach yourself more easily from it.

3) Practice gratitude

To break your tendency to see everything in black, do the exercise, every day, of noting positive moments for which you are grateful. It won’t be easy at first, but you’ll see that you’ll get there.

4) Avoiding triggers

Who or what is triggering your negative thoughts? You need to find it to avoid it as much as possible. It may be a person, a situation, a place, a song, the news, etc. You may not be able to “eliminate” a trigger completely, but you can better equip yourself to deal with it.

5) Surround yourself with the positive

Find activities that are meaningful and fulfilling to you. Surround yourself with caring people who push you forward. This way, your thoughts will be positively influenced.

6) Have a good trip

How do you do it? A hilarious movie, a night out with friends, a new experience, YouTube videos that make you laugh. You can even create a special reading list for yourself.

There is no shortage of opportunities.

The goal is to have a good bar or just a good time, to relieve the pressure.

A bit like those balloons or those inflated characters in cartoons. Once pricked with the point of a needle, they start to waltz in all directions, emptying themselves of air with a noise of old hoarse trumpet.

7) I really don’t care!

This is the direct, no-nonsense, no-fuss technique.

If everything you’ve done up to this point hasn’t worked, try this one.Frankly, it’s liberating, and it saves a lot of time.

The idea is to get rid of the guilt by saying that, in the end, it’s not a big deal. Move on. After all, who cares?

The world won’t stop spinning for so little. And there are so many more important, exciting, and enjoyable things to do than brood in your corner.

  • This person doesn’t like your point of view? You don’t care.
  • You missed your presentation in front of 50 people? So what, at least you had the guts to do it.

Instead of occupying your thoughts with blackheads, eating up your time and energy with negativity, letting yourself be carried away by a wave of worries, don’t worry about it.

And use your time for things that are worthwhile.

Try it!

Use one or two of these tips, or even all three, why not? After all, why should we limit ourselves to doing good for ourselves?

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