How to seduce a man

how to seduce a man

30 tips & tricks to seduce a man, capture his heart and keep it forever!

“To seduce a man, you have to seduce YOU”.

If you just want to get straight to the point and not waste time? How about 30 PRACTICAL and effective tips to seduce a man, capture his heart and keep it forever?

Here is a quick list with simple tips and tricks to seduce the man you like.

1) Have confidence in yourself

Self-confidence is the keyword in seduction. If you don’t have self-confidence you will not be seductive. Learn to love yourself as you are, learn to see the seductress in you to attract the men you like.

2) Don’t be too sure of yourself

Confidence in yourself is important but you must remain reasonable and not pass for a pretentious woman. You must have confidence in your qualities but not brag about them. Stay modest so as not to frighten men away.

3) Take advantage of the present moment

To put all the chances on your side to seduce this man you like you must take advantage of the present moment. Don’t waste your time wondering if what you’re doing is right, if you haven’t said something stupid… just enjoy the time you spend with the man you like.

4) Be natural

If you simply enjoy the moment you will be natural. And that’s how you have the best chance of seducing a man: by being yourself, with your qualities and faults, without being perfect, but by being honest with yourself and with the man you like.

5 ) Don’t play a role

Don’t play a role if you want to seduce a man! If it can work at first, you won’t achieve a stable relationship by going like this. When he realizes your true personality and the lie you’ve been working out from the beginning, he will leave you without regret. So don’t play this game.

6) Avoid making mistakes

You need to be yourself but if you know that there are certain aspects of your personality that can be detrimental to you, try to refrain yourself a little. You are always told that you speak too loudly, turn down the volume for example.

7) Don’t be a fatalist

Just because your last two relationships didn’t get you very far or your last couple of dates didn’t work out doesn’t mean it’s going to last forever. Don’t dwell on those past failures and be prepared for the joys that the date you’re going on may herald.

8) Be positive

To be truly attractive, stay positive. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is depressed all the time. So in your everyday life but especially when you are on a date with a man: look on the bright side and stay positive.

9) Have a sense of humor

To seduce a man, don’t be afraid to laugh or to make him laugh. Of course, this should not be at your expense, but don’t neglect the power of humor in seduction.

10) Do not hesitate to make the first step

Gone are the days when women waited patiently for a valiant knight to come to their rescue and seduce them. Don’t hesitate to take matters into your own hands if you like a man. Invite him, offer him outings…

11) Don’t be dependent

Showing a man that he is important to you is good, but he must not feel that you are dependent on him, that you cannot be happy without him. It’s a radical love killer. So be independent and be happy to be so.

12) Live your passions

Don’t wait until you’ve found the perfect partner to get into your passions, on the contrary. If you do things that you enjoy, you will be fulfilled and therefore even more attractive. So treat yourself and enjoy your free time doing what you like.

13) Be intellectually irresistible

No, smart women don’t scare men away. Don’t hesitate to have interesting discussions, to start conversations, to fuel them. It’s not only the physical appearance that counts to seduce a man.

14) Don’t be boring

Of course, you must not drown the man you like under an interrupted stream of speech that could put him to sleep. Don’t fuel a discussion that doesn’t interest the man you’re with so as not to annoy him.

15) Take an interest in him

A relationship includes two people, so you must be interested in the man in front of you. Establish an exchange between you, ask him questions about his passions, what he does in his free time, the next trip he has planned…

16) Compliment him

In addition to being interested in the man, you are having a drink with, compliment him based on what he tells you. Be sincere, don’t overdo it at the risk of sounding hypocritical, but don’t hesitate to compliment him when you are impressed or proud of what he says or does.

17) Look at it

Don’t be afraid to play with a man’s gaze to show your interest. From the simple little glances that intersect at first to the look that plunges into each other’s eyes. That’s also how you tell him you like him.

18) Smile, smile and smile again!

Don’t try to stop yourself from smiling, on the contrary. Don’t be afraid to show that you are happy if you are, to show him that you are happy to be with him. To smile is to show him your joy of life, so don’t deprive yourself of a natural smile.

19) Forget your tics

While your little speech or language twitches may make some people cringe, if they are too pronounced, they may scare off more than one person. So don’t spend your entire appointment twisting your hair, touching the corner of your eye or anything else.

20) Let your body do the talking

It is not only what you are going to say that will be important for the man you want to seduce but also the whole body language, everything that your body, your attitude, your reactions make pass.

21) Take care of your appearance

It’s not the only thing that will allow you to seduce a man, but you shouldn’t neglect your look. Take care of yourself, make yourself look your best, but don’t overdo it.

22) Be subtle

You won’t seduce a man by going in with big hooves, in every sense of the word and on every level. Learn the art of subtlety: in your appearance, in your attitude, in what you say.

23) Play mystery

Don’t reveal yourself entirely on the first date, take your time to discover each other. You must cultivate mystery to make the man you like to want to see you again on another date.

24) Make yourself desired

When the game is too easy, it loses interest. To keep the man you like interested and to seduce him, let yourself be desired. Don’t answer his messages too quickly, don’t go to him as soon as he calls you.

25) Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you.

Whatever your emotions, you must not let them get the better of you if you want to seduce a man. Learn to control yourself so that you don’t drive him away, whether your emotions are positive or negative.

26) Give him the time he needs

The man you like may need a little more time than you do. Whether it’s because he’s coming out of a relationship that ended badly or because he’s afraid of commitment, don’t force him and give him the time he needs.

27) Build trust between you

To seduce a man you must know how to build trust between you: that both of you are not afraid to be yourself, to let yourself go.

28) Be accomplices

More than a question of trust, you must succeed in becoming accomplices for the seduction to work. Don’t be afraid to enter the game of seduction to get closer. Have fun!

29) Be magical

To seduce a man, don’t hesitate to take him out of his everyday life, to make him dream, and to offer him unusual dates or at least different from a simple coffee. Show him that life with you is far from the routines he has known before.

30) Be sincere

To effectively seduce a man you must really want to. So don’t force yourself under the pretext that you have been single for too long or that you have just broken up with your ex. You must really want to seduce a man for it to work.

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