How to be more confident in yourself

Have full confidence? A question of method!

In this article, we are going to show you 10 steps of how to be more confident in yourself. Gaining or regaining self-confidence is much easier than it seems. Discover a simple, natural and above all common sense approach.

Self-confidence is acquired by applying concrete means it is quite possible, gradually, step by step, to become familiar with oneself, to acquire more ease and self-control.

What is really self-confidence?

Confidence means “trusting in…”in other words, having confidence in someone means that you consider that person to be reliable. Therefore, to build authentic self-confidence, you must first learn to trust yourself, in other words your personal abilities and resources.

To do this, it is essential to get to know yourself. Lack of self-confidence comes above all from a lack of awareness of oneself and one’s abilities. Somewhat like a new place that is initially unknown to us, our confidence grows as we become more familiar with it.

Having self-confidence, the basis of a fulfilling life

The benefits are numerous since self-confidence is the basis of any fulfilling life: happier and richer relationships, greater success in projects, more self-esteem, more audacity to undertake… in short, self-confidence will be your most precious ally in all areas of your life.

10 concrete solutions to develop self-confidence

Self-confidence is gained over time and experience. It is built, as in any discipline, through regular practice. A mistake would be to consider that self-confidence is definitively acquired.

1. Transform your fear into self-confidence

Because you lack that precious self-confidence, you feel uncomfortable in new situations.

Rather than depleting your energy in trying to control your emotions, act to transform your anxieties into actions: talk, reach out to others… It is only by familiarizing yourself with the situations you encounter that you will gain comfort and therefore self-confidence.

2. Open up to others to regain confidence

Creating contact with others, going to them to chat, exchange, get to know them is something that for you has all the allure of a mountain that you have to overcome.

Your lack of confidence is so great that you feel completely paralyzed in this kind of situation. If this is the case, remember that few people are completely comfortable in this type of situation. Try to connect with others instead of always trying to avoid them. This will help you develop greater self-confidence to build new relationships.

3. Dare to trust yourself: take risks

Without falling into excesses or recklessness, but don’t hesitate to get out of your routine, to discover other environments, other types of people. Learn from the difference of others.

This is a good way to gain self-confidence because it gives you other points of reference than your own. You will learn to adapt much more easily in all circumstances.

4. Be fully yourself

If it can be useful to rely on a model, it is not good to see only through that model because it creates limits: “to imitate is to limit oneself”!

Self-confidence is expressed differently from one person to another according to their history, their personal characteristics. Look for what suits you best because that’s where you’ll be most comfortable.

5. Autosuggestion to make up for lack of self-confidence

Don’t hesitate to use positive thinking to develop your self-confidence. Repeat to yourself, for example, “I can do it” or “I have the resources to do it”! It’s not a question of lying to yourself, but of really becoming aware of your personal capacities and resources.

The suggestion used in this way will allow you to strengthen your self-confidence.

6. Express your self-confidence

People with good self-confidence usually express themselves very clearly, and if they express themselves clearly it is because their thoughts are clear. “What is clearly conceived, is clearly expressed.”

Make an effort to clarify your thoughts and you will see that it will be easier for you to express yourself easily … Speak in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear you, if necessary read a text aloud at home until you recite it clearly.

7. An excellent way to regain self-confidence: set yourself goals

Only choose for your goals that you feel are attainable. Lack of self-confidence often comes from a fear of failure. And if this is the case, it is most likely because you set the bar too high.

One of the great secrets of self-confidence is realism and common sense: you need to know your possibilities as well as your limits! To be successful, focus on each of the steps you need to take to reach the goal and not on the goal itself.

8. Learn from your mistakes!

Most people who lack self-confidence can’t bear to make mistakes and mistakes. It is impossible to do the “perfect act” the first time. You don’t learn to speak French from the first lesson. Trial and error are inevitable and so are mistakes.

The important thing is that you take full advantage of your mistakes to progress. This is the way to gain more self-confidence.

9. Play sports to develop self-confidence

Putting yourself in the body will go a long way to helping you regain some self-confidence and self-confidence. You will feel better about your body and therefore better about yourself.

Moreover, going to a club will force you to meet other people

10. To never lose self-confidence: Don’t compare yourself with others

The best way to lose self-confidence is to compare yourself. There will always be stronger and always weaker than you. What matters is that you learn to accept and love yourself as you are.

This is the way to regain or gain self-confidence and self-esteem!

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