How to live in financial abundance

To live in financial abundance don’t say this sentence

We all seek financial abundance, but how many people really know how to attract financial prosperity. You’ve probably tried every method of attracting good fortune. If you’re having trouble attracting money and prosperity into your life, this article will open your eyes to why you’re not yet living in abundance. If, despite all your requests to the universe, you’re not succeeding in attracting wealth, read on.

I was in this situation until I understood why I was not prosperous and why I lacked money… One day I understood what was wrong. Now I can live the life of my dreams for myself and my family, and live in financial abundance.

Abundance is not a matter of luck

Financial abundance is not a matter of chance or luck. It is simply the ability to implement keys and strategies.

When you want to achieve financial prosperity, there are certain phrases that should not be repeated. In order for financial abundance to enter your life and that of your family, you really must eliminate them from your language. This is very important if you want the law of attraction to respond to your request.

These phrases are said mentally or out loud. They are so common in our language that we don’t even notice that we are saying them. These are the phrases that we repeat to ourselves and that will go against the grain and against what we want. These phrases will cut off your creativity and ability to create the life of abundance and prosperity that you desire.

The mindset of financial abundance

I often repeated them to myself and wondered why I had not achieved the financial abundance I wanted. I didn’t even realize that I was repeating these murderous phrases and I’m sure that you’ve already repeated them too.

I’m sure you’ve walked by a storefront at least once and seen a great item. Something you really want to buy. Or maybe you’ve passed by a real estate agency and seen a house or an apartment you were looking for. And there you saw the house of your dreams or the apartment of your dreams, a trip, a car, whatever you wanted to buy.

I am sure you have already repeated this sentence. And this sentence or these sentences, I would say that they are similar. They go into your brain only to slow you down in the realization of your dreams and prevent the universe from bringing you the prosperity you ask for.

All these sentences that seem harmless will inform the universe that for you it is not possible to access abundance.

So! guess what that phrase is?

I am sure you have already guessed it! I won’t make you wait any longer… this sentence is:

“It’s too expensive, it’s not for me”.

This is how people come to me with their financial wealth problems and I ask them: don’t you repeat this sentence?

Well yes, very often. I think things are too expensive and I can’t afford it.

The moment you think things are too expensive. Well, you are blocking your ability to create what you want in your life. We attract to us what we think we deserve. If every time we see or think about something we want, but at the same time we think we don’t deserve it! Well, the response of the universe will be to exalt you by not attracting to you your desire.

When I talk about desire I am talking about something that you really want and not something that you would like to have but don’t really want. I’m talking about a deep desire that we want, but we find it too expensive.

But be careful… Because we can want certain things, but not feel legitimate or able to get it because it is not in our financial capacity.

We can say to ourselves: I’m not interested!

But in fact, is this really true? Aren’t you in denial about how difficult it is to reach your financial capacity?

Really ask yourself this question because it’s a recurring thing that I’ve often found in many people as a false belief in financial freedom.

So this phrase when you repeat it and well you’re just giving a command to the universe saying, “don’t give it to me… Don’t give it to me, because I can’t afford it. Every time you repeat “it’s too expensive” you understand that you are setting the bar so high that it is not accessible for you. So when you are in front of this house, this apartment, in the real estate agency, in front of this car, you say: “it is not for me”.

You are in front of this dilemma and this is something that we often hear from people who want something. They say they can’t afford it.

You have to change your way of thinking to make your desire real

So this is really a phrase that you have to be super attentive with every time you want to access something that you want.

If you repeat this sentence, you can ask for months or even years, the universe will not answer you. Worse still, it risks depriving you of what you have. If you believe deep down that you do not deserve abundance and that you cannot afford it, then the law of attraction will deprive you of what you already have.

I spent many years thinking that something was too expensive when it was my desire. I had a deep desire to have it, but in fact I found it too expensive for me. So to the universe I said this is not for me, this is for others.

Be sure not to push your desire away with these phrases that block the process of financial abundance, otherwise the law of attraction will reserve your desire for those who think they deserve it.

Here’s how I turned the tide and achieved financial abundance

To get access to what I wanted. I found that it worked because by repeating these new phrases every time I wanted something, I was able to attract it to me. Whereas before I would say this is too expensive, this is not for me. Now with these new phrases and this new way of thinking, the universe was responding positively to my request.

By repeating these new phrases and having this new way of thinking, well things gradually came into my life and I was able to access and buy things that I wanted.

These phrases are as follows:

⦁ This is my goal, I make it a priority.

⦁ I give myself the right to do this.

⦁ I open myself up to this possibility.

you can repeat these three sentences as you can choose others in your own words. The imputant is to repeat one of these three sentences or something similar. When you repeat this, you must say it out loud. Because what is said out loud permeates the mind more. It helps to trigger a deep conviction and convince your subconscious that you deserve what your thoughts are focused on.

What is also important is to think that you deserve it

For example if your wish is a house… You have to think… Yes this house is great and I give myself the right and the means to make it my reality. It’s going to happen in the universe. I don’t know how it will happen. What I do know is that it will be in my possession.

You don’t have to know the whole process to access such and such. It’s already set as a goal and then things will fall into place on their own. You’ve set strategies and you’ll have a clearer head afterwards.

If you don’t have a goal, well, it won’t happen in reality. So it’s really important to have a change of perspective and mindset.

Be convinced that you are successful and worthy of your desire

Make it a goal and you’ll see that if you really want it to be a priority and you decide to do it. Then, the universe and your intelligence will start to work so that you can achieve this desire. But if on the contrary you think that it is inaccessible the universe will answer you according to your thoughts which correspond to you.

Do you think that people who have access to what they want say to themselves that it is too expensive… Of course not!

So if you want to get what you want, don’t repeat these phrases that deprive you of access to your dreams. Dtes I deserve it and I can afford it. I am opening myself up to the possibility. If you maintain this new way of thinking, the universal law of the universe will bring you the abundance you deserve.

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