How to find inner peace and serenity

How to find inner peace

Are you wondering how to find inner peace when nothing goes right in your life or around you? In this article, I propose 5 techniques to try to calm your mind and find serenity in a few minutes. As well as 7 ways to explore over the long term to feel a deeper and more lasting peace of mind.

What is inner peace

If there is one thing we are experiencing even more intensely since the year 2020 it is what is NOT inner peace! You know that wave of fear, anger, frustration, indignation, etc. that sometimes overwhelms you while watching the news?

What you feel at that moment is inner chaos, which is the opposite of what we are looking for.

Inner peace is that feeling of calm that we have, despite the difficulties we encounter in life.

It is not about pretending that everything is fine and waiting for things to pass. It’s about creating a space of serenity within us, which will allow us to get through the periods that shake up our habits and our perception of the world.

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Why seek inner calm

Before we look at the ways in which you can find inner peace, perhaps you are wondering what it will bring you?

By entering this space of inner calm and silence, you silence the hubbub of your thoughts and emotions. This allows you to:

  • Rest and recharge your batteries;
  • Take a step back from the events of everyday life;
  • To listen to yourself and your needs;
  • Become aware of your inner wisdom;
  • To listen to one’s intuitions;
  • Have more ideas and be more creative;
  • To listen to one’s guides, to the Universe/God;
  • To be less and less influenced by the opinion of others;
  • To be more discerning;
  • To feel clearly what is good for you;
  • Make life choices that are aligned and joyful;
  • To be better at listening to others;
  • And so on.

How to find inner peace in minutes

The following techniques will help you in moments of inner turmoil, when you feel the need to calm down quickly. You can come back to them as many times as you need.

Breathing technique to calm your mind

This breathwork is so simple that I find it hard to call it a « technique » ????. It is accessible to everyone, without any contraindication:

  1. Standing, sitting or lying down, make sure to keep your back straight to create space in your chest and belly.
  2. Take a deep breath in through your nose, taking care to fill your lungs (your chest, your belly and your throat inflate).
  3. Then exhale slowly through your mouth until your lungs are « empty ».

Repeat 2 more times, if necessary.

Coming back to the present moment

When we are overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, our mind tends to imagine all sorts of disaster scenarios that will never happen. It is then beneficial to remember that what is is not the same as what could happen.

Getting back in touch with the here and now will help you take life one step at a time.

Follow a meditation on inner peace

Meditating is another known technique for finding inner peace. If you are not familiar with it, you can find a free guided meditation on inner peace by following the link below.

Spend time in nature to calm your mind

If you have the opportunity, go for a walk in a park, a forest, in the countryside, on the beach, etc. And let the calm of nature take care of you.

Observe, listen, smell, touch and taste, just like a child would! And take the opportunity to reactivate your capacity for wonder.

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Do some physical activity

Finally, to calm your mind and find serenity, you can also do a physical activity that you enjoy: running, swimming, dancing, gardening, etc. This way, you can clear your mind and evacuate the tensions that prevent you from reaching peace of mind.

Create wellness routines

To begin with, know that the activities we mentioned above will become more and more effective if you practice them regularly ????. To stick to them, don’t hesitate to create your own wellness rituals according to your desires and your schedule.

For example, I practice meditation every day. And as often as possible, I take walks in the forest, in the countryside or on the coast.

Tailor your life to feel peace of mind

How do you think you would feel if each area of your life was in line with who you are deep down, rather than trying to fit in with what is expected of you?

You would feel at peace

But maybe you’re thinking that a tailored life is utopian? Yet this is the reality I have been creating for myself for several years, just like thousands of other people.

However, we are not exceptional people. The only difference is that we have chosen to believe that it is possible. Then we worked hard to create our reality.

And you too can take the first step by deciding that it is possible for you. The 2nd step is to understand how you can consciously create your own custom life.

Limit information to the bare minimum to preserve your inner peace

I dream of the day when we can talk about the creative power in every human being as normally as we talk about the weather ????. Fortunately, there are millions of us in the world who are awakening to our capacity for co-creation. But we are not yet the majority.

In the meantime, I invite you to limit the amount of time you spend following the news and media in general. With few exceptions, they are only factories of limiting beliefs and destructive and anxiety-provoking energies.

However, what we believe and feel creates our reality, individually and collectively. It is therefore up to us to use this wonderful power of co-creation with awareness and humility.

Finding inner peace by following your life mission

Next, to create a deep sense of inner peace you can also get on the track of your life mission, also called soul mission.

To know our life mission is to know the reason for our presence on Earth. That is to say, why our soul was incarnated here and at this time. Moving forward on this path allows us to take our place in the world and gives meaning to our life.

Nurturing your spirituality to find inner peace

The next step in building a deeper sense of inner peace is to reconnect with your spirituality. That is to say, (re)learning to feel our connection to something greater than ourselves. And to feel that we are part of a Whole.

Letting go of regrets to be at peace

Finally, what feeds the inner chaos is also to brood over regrets: « I should have said this. I should have done that. If only I had… »

If this happens to you a lot, this too is a path you can explore to welcome more inner peace within yourself.

Thank you all for reading!


What about you, do you find it easy to feel at peace? Come share your experience in the comments.

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