Change your life with the Law of Attraction

Change your life with the Law of Attraction

A universal theory to change your life with the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is a theory which considers that we attract to ourselves what we are, that everything is vibration and energy and that everything is linked because the Universe forms an energetic whole.

Each thought, each emotion, each word, each act emits a vibration which is reflected in the Universe and in our life. If the vibrations we emit are positive, they will have a positive repercussion on our life. But if they are negative, the repercussions will be negative.

The purists of the Law of Attraction even consider that this Law is as revolutionary as the Law of Gravity and that it can be explained by quantum physics. But I must confess that I don’t know and that one can find everything and its opposite on this subject! So I leave it to you to make up your own mind.

A personal development program

In any case, the Law of Attraction is used in personal development to help you reach the best version of yourself and your life.

The goal is to attract your dreams and develop abundance in your life. How does it work? By trusting the vibrations and energies that circulate within us and around us: as everything is vibration, by thinking and visualizing this best version of ourselves, we emit vibrations that will then create situations in our lives, such as signs of destiny to indicate that we are on the right path to reach this image. It is then up to us to see these signs that the Universe sends us, to thank it and to continue to advance with confidence.

A state of mind and action that can positively change our approach to life

Of course, as with all concepts of personal development, we must be careful not to fall into guilt. The one that occurs when we consider ourselves responsible for all the misfortunes in our lives or when, for X or X reason, we feel guilty for having stopped investing in our action plan. Let’s stop feeling guilty! Sometimes we have no control over what happens in our life, we do not always choose our environment or our harmful relationships. And sometimes we lose our motivation and this happens to everyone! Nobody is perfect!

And that’s why I like this approach of personal development because it is not a program, a method. It is rather a way of approaching life which is therefore long term. There is no end in itself, so there is no guilt in saying that everything is already written. Similarly, instead of considering that our future is ruined because we have put aside this approach for a while, we must tell ourselves that this stop is a small detour that has also created certain vibrations that have brought us to where we are today.

The most important thing is not the destination but the path, the inner journey that leads us there

And as we browse the web, we discover that certain paths, certain life paths have been positively transformed by the Law of Attraction. One of the star examples is the life path of an actor I like (and who meditates a lot!): Jim Carrey, at the beginning of his career, still a young unknown comedian, decided to sign a check for 10 million dollars for his acting services by dating it at a later date. This sum represented for him his career goal. He says he carried that check with him every day, thinking, feeling and dreaming about that goal. And in the same year as the one written on the check, he received a check for the same amount of money for his acting performance in a movie!

Faced with this kind of testimony, one can marvel at the Law of Attraction that would have helped him reach his career goals so quickly. But we can also criticize the materialistic side of these testimonies which refer a lot to money, which is not necessarily the goal of a fulfilled life. Indeed, we should rather consider that they tend to develop abundance in their life through professional and personal success and that this abundance can be summarized for them by a precise amount of money.

For my part, the numbers don’t speak to me! I have a hard time thinking about a number and telling myself that this number symbolizes my personal and professional success! It’s too vague for me. Maybe this is a mistake and I should make more effort to find a symbolic number that corresponds to me? I don’t know about that either.

What I like about the Law of Attraction is that it has a pro-active approach to personal development and an energetic approach. And it is this combo that speaks to me!

I find that it resonates with the energies and feelings that come to me when I am on the yoga mat. This is why I apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to my life.

Sharing my personal and professional experience

My experience with the Law of Attraction began with my fear of the future.

In my first article, I explained that I had unconsciously embarked on certain career paths because I was afraid of unemployment, afraid of not succeeding according to society’s standards, afraid of moving, afraid of going far away… in short, a lot of fears that were anchored in me and that made me believe that I was on the right path.

However, in resonance to these negative vibrations, life did not present itself to me as I would have liked. I felt like I was struggling a lot, making sacrifices and not really getting where I wanted to go.

The change came when the seed of becoming a yoga teacher slowly took root in me

I began to believe that I could do it, even though it was a physical and emotional commitment. I began to believe in myself. Although the future after this training was uncertain, I repeated my mantra « I believe in myself » every day.

But even so, I still needed to reassure some fears that were still present. So I did a lot of research, took a lot of notes on what it was like to be a yoga teacher, to be a self-employed entrepreneur. I wrote several provisional files, I followed all the trainings  » Créateurs d’entreprise  » of Pôle Emploi, I also had the right to a follow-up in an incubator. In other words, I tried to reassure myself by all means! And all this before I even left for India to do my yoga training and to be really sure to launch myself when I got back!

So much to say that when I came back, things didn’t go at all as I had imagined! And so much the better!

Indeed, in India, this dive in the heart of my body and my emotions upset me. I was finally fulfilled by the simple fact of being in phase with my inner self. I finally understood and felt the energies within me and around me, those that link me to my inner self, to my body, to my emotions, to my past, to my future, to others, to nature, to the universe. I felt this interconnection between all things. And I found it fabulous, incredible and magical. I promised myself in India that I would never forget this interconnection once I returned to my daily life.

I trusted myself, I believed in myself.

And when I returned, indeed, as I said, things did not go as planned. Impossible to implement those previsional plans that had been thought without this interconnection. And it was when I started to detach myself from any predictive plan that the Law of Attraction really started to work. Everything took an unexpected and positive turn.

As I began to give classes, without planning too much, I opened myself to opportunities, to encounters, to the chance of life.

And some coincidences were magical: like the time when chance put me back on the path of a person with whom I had interacted several times in my previous job, without keeping contact. And who told me that since our last interaction, she had changed her life, opened her own company specialized in yoga in the workplace, that she was looking for new teachers and that she lived right next door to me! She trusted me completely, even though I was a beginner teacher. And this chance gave a new turn to my professional development by allowing me, still today, to work with many companies. Big up Jeanne 😉

I also told myself that I had to trust myself and take some risks by renting beautiful yoga studios near my home, telling myself with confidence that it would take little by little. And it did! Today, I manage my 5 weekly classes by myself. Of course, there are ups and downs, as in any business, but things have fallen into place serenely. This confidence brought me meetings, students, partners, projects…

And in one and a half years, I never thought I would be where I am today, so advanced, happy and fulfilled professionally and personally. I am convinced that all this is due to my trust in myself and in the Universe. It has become a principle in my life. I tell myself that things will work out and I am still surprised by the result!

Of course, the Law of Attraction is not everything. It requires work every day, but let’s just say that this work is made easier because every day on my carpet and in front of my computer, I keep telling myself that it will be okay, that I believe in myself, that my business will gradually take this turn that I have in mind.

I don’t have any precise details about this future turn of events, just an image of myself fulfilled, happy, serene with a feeling of assurance, success, confidence in this imagined daily life and in what I undertake in my personal and professional life.

It is this Law of Attraction, which still today, gives me the desire to move forward with serenity, invites me to take new risks by embarking on the organization of a yoga retreat and by embarking on a great and new personal and professional adventure in 2019.

And since I decided to embark on these projects, life has invited new encounters on my path that persuade me that I am on the right path to achieve what I believe in.

Even on a personal level, this trust in the Universe also creates beautiful situations that always surprise me! A simple example came to mind recently: in early December 2017, I broke down and gave my partner train tickets to London to celebrate New Year’s Eve and told myself that I would find a hotel afterwards (something I usually never do). And soon after, I started to stress and regret, thinking that I had made a very bad choice because all the hotels were full and those available were unaffordable. Then one day, I got tired of complaining and searching and I told myself that it would work, that I would eventually find it even at the last moment and that I should stop stressing about it.

And the next day, a friend, who we hadn’t seen for a long time, came by the house and heard us talking about it. He then put us in contact with a friend of his living in London and absent at that date. We believe to be dreaming: in 2 days the situation is unblocked and we discover that it is about a very cute little house, in one of the trendy districts of the East of London at a friendly price! But what also made me smile a lot was the evening of the New Year’s Eve because by fear of organizing too much and of falling on something not convenient for us, we had ended up saying to ourselves that we had to plan nothing and to see where that was going to lead us. And this evening did not disappoint us! We let ourselves be carried and it brought us in places which corresponded to our desires and even exceeded our hopes!

So I spent this wonderful evening, promising myself for this year 2018 to let my personal life vibrate with this Law of Attraction and to trust in the future.

My new mantra and sankalpa then became « I live a creative life ».

And given my upcoming personal and professional projects, I am happy to say that I have not failed this vow!

10 tips to improve your life with the Law of Attraction

law of attraction

1/ Be in the present moment:

The fact that you want to change and turn towards the best version of yourself or towards your dreams does not mean that you have to deny your past and live only in the future. It is important to be aware of the present moment. We must accept the past as it was because it made us what we are today. According to Eckhart Tolle, the future does not exist, it is a succession of present moments. It is therefore necessary to be aware of the present moment to create the best version of yourself because it will be revealed in the present. « The future doesn’t exist, it is now ».

2/ Formulate your sentences with positivity:

Each thought and word emitting vibrations, it is important to choose your words well to emit positivity. Do not say « I don’t want to… » because it leads us to talk and think about what we don’t want anymore and therefore we potentially risk attracting it to ourselves. It is better to formulate your intentions with « I want… » in order to create positive energies.

3/ Keep a gratitude notebook:

In order to become aware of the beauty of the present moment and to learn to develop a positive outlook on our life, it is important to write down every day what we are grateful for. It teaches us to find beauty in our day and in our life. Even if it’s about little things, such as a captivating sky, a smile in the street, a spicy dish…

4/ Formulate your professional and personal objectives:

In order not to be carried away by events, it is important to head in the right direction. But you still need to know what that direction is. From time to time, it’s good to be with yourself and a notebook, to take stock and to fill this notebook with all your ideas. We then draw from that precise objectives which will guide us.

5/ Meditate and visualize:

Visualization allows us to put images, colors, sounds and emotions on our formulated objectives. We try to be as precise as possible in this visualization in which we are in a temporality where we are fulfilled because we have reached our professional and personal objectives. In this visualization, we live this best version of ourselves and of our life and we consider that we deserve it.

6/ Create your vision board:

To facilitate this visualization, you can use a vision board that gathers images, colors and words that symbolize this fulfilled image. Each time we look at this vision board, we think about this image of ourselves and we unconsciously send positive energies to the Universe.

On my vision board, made 2 years ago, some have been realized and others are on the way. I noticed that one of the photos representing a house with a warm atmosphere looks very much like the house reserved for my next retreat.

7/ Repeat positive affirmations:

Just as we carry an intention on the carpet, a sankalpa, I like to give my life a positive intention that I repeat regularly like a mantra. As mentioned at the beginning of this article and in a previous article on sankalpa, I have two mantras that are very present in me: « I believe in myself » and « I live a creative life ». I repeat them to myself on the mat, at the end of a practice, in meditation and also in the middle of the day when the situation lends itself to it or asks me to draw positive energy from myself. Like the Couet method, this repetition allows me to feel better, to be reassured and confident in myself, in life and in the future.

8/ Acting for your goals:

It is not enough to write, to think, to talk, you must also act. Every action, no matter how small, allows us to advance towards our goals. Acting is important because it sets off vibrations, energies that will in turn create a succession of other actions, encounters and situations.

9/ Observe the signs:

Now that the Law of Attraction has been triggered, all that remains is for you to observe these signs, this magic that the Universe is sending you, and to appreciate them!

10/ Be confident and let go:

To make this attractiveness last, the most important thing is to be confident and to let go. The attractiveness of your energy, your vibrations, your fulfillment will transform your life into a beautiful adventure.

Vision Board DIY:

– paper version or digital version?

Generally, we choose a paper version to immerse ourselves in a manual activity with the help of magazines. Personally, I preferred the digital version because I don’t necessarily have many magazines at home and at the time, I wasn’t too keen on doing a collage workshop at home. I was more interested in searching for images on the internet.

– What content?

We look for images that inspire us and we assemble them, juxtaposing them on a board. We can add words and captions.

I made a mix of photos and inspiring quotes related to my professional and personal life.

– where to put the vision board ?

The fact of placing it in different places is quite strategic: without necessarily paying attention to it, my eyes slide several times a day on this vision board. And I believe in the unconscious impact of images and words on my brain, my emotions.

I printed my vision board several times. I framed a version and hung it above my desk. I posted another one on the board behind my front door. And I kept a digital version to put on my computer wallpaper.

What about you ?

What is your relationship with the Law of Attraction? Do you feel improvements in your life since you started applying it to your life? Are you sensitive to the energies? Do you already have a vision board? What are your means of attracting abundance to you?

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